Everyone in this Big Apple has dreams. NYU and plastic surgeons just have different methods of getting you there.

Lisa Alpert took this photo of two ads on the 2 train on Thursday night. Rarely does anything in this world juxtapose quite so well.

dream big2

dream big

Lisa, who has a great eye for the fun and absurd, also snapped a photo of monks hanging out at a frozen yogurt shop last year.

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    1. Wayne Allen says:


    2. Ken Jablon says:

      I saw this on the train yesterday. I thought that someone in the MTA advertising setup area must have done this on purpose.

    3. David says:

      Yes, intentional.

    4. Jo Ann Aaronson says:

      Both NYU and the doctor think bigger is better. I don’t and sorry to see the West Side Rag giving both parties ore exposure. (No pun intended.). I find the plastic surgeon’s ad distasteful and NYU’s big building boom even more revolting.

      • AlwaysOne says:

        Oh, Jo Ann, Jo Ann. Lighten up! Don’t be such a curmudgeon. It certainly added a chuckle to my day! Thanks WSR!

    5. whatsupduck says:

      I feel like such a boob for loving this post.

    6. Sassy Lou says:

      Great..now where is the doctor who’s doing the breast reductions????

      F U K C bigger boobs..they suck!!!

    7. I wonder if the ad generated new clients.