Crumbs is back on the Upper West Side after being purchased out of bankruptcy by entrepreneurs intent on reviving the brand. The store on Columbus Avenue and West 97th street in the Columbus Square development reopened this weekend. Felicia sent in the photo above.

The new Crumbs has several new offerings — one of the founders owns Dippin’ Dots, so some of the cupcakes have Dippin’ Dots on them. And then there’s the “Baissant,” a cross between a bagel and croissant, which is “made with both bagel and croissant doughs which are interwoven and baked.”

If you’ve bitten a baissant, let us know!

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    1. ELJ says:

      There is a neighborhood bagel shop in Brooklyn that has been selling baissants for well over a year. I tried one and I’d rather have a bagel.

    2. ScooterStan says:

      If “Baissant” rings too pretentious you might then want to try a “Flagel”.

      NO, it’s not what you think!

      It’s a flattened bagel…looking very much like a bagel run over by a steamroller.

      Available at, where else? … Fairway’s original store on Bdway @ 74th.

    3. Sally Smile says:

      Is it really true that they are putting in a “Poor Door” so that we middle class customers do not have to come into contact with all the white collar criminals who live on the UWS while enjoying our cupcakes? If that’s true I will be there tomorrow and every day forever!

    4. Sassy Lou says:

      I just wanted ANYTHING without a lot of sugar…like an old fashioned donut..that was more like a good coffee dippin cake without the sweet!