poop artist1

One anonymous citizen has taken on the scourge of un-scooped dog poop by creating a kind of passive-aggressive art project.

The project involves lively notes, photographs of poop and fecal specimens collected in small glass jars. It is both charming and revolting. The posters and items have been seen on West 83rd and West 84th street, around Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.

Apparently, the notes and jars keep getting taken down, but the poop avenger persists in putting them back up.

We’ve received several photographs of the evidence, which we present to you below. After perusing them, you can also click on our story of the vigilante we called “The Poo Buddha of 98th Street.”

poop artist2
Photo by Emily. See those specimens and photos at the base of the tree? That takes initiative!

poop artist3
Photo by Charlie.

poop artist5

poop artist4

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    1. Sam says:

      This guy rocks!

      I think all dog owners should have to provide DNA samples during the K-9 registration process. Then create a dog poop “task force” and when a pile of crap is found send it in for DNA testing, get a match, and fine the owner $1,000 for their first offense.

      The city will make money and the streets will be cleaner than ever!

      • Derek says:

        It’s really difficult, if not impossible, to extract DNA from fecal matter. This probably wouldn’t be an efficient method.

        • Bryan10024 says:

          PooPrints uses DNA to track dogs and they even have a picture of the above on their blog”

          “If you’re tired of dog owners in your community not cleaning up the waste their dogs leave behind, PooPrints can help. Eliminate dog waste on the grounds of your apartment, condo, or HOA community forever with PooPrints dog poop DNA matching service for property management! It’s the only permanent, “set it and forget it” solution for dog waste management. Watch this short video, then click a paw print below to get started.”

    2. Paul RL says:

      Kusos to the Citizen! And anyone doing the “I’m pretending to talk on my cell phone and not notice that my dog is taking a dump in front of your building” dance should have have their nose rubbed in it.

    3. liz says:

      Fabulous! We are so sick and tired of having to walk with our heads to the ground trying to avoid poop! We live in a city with great architecture and so we should be looking up!
      So we applaud this effort.

    4. Lulu says:

      Applause to the Artist.!!!! Maybe it will help! I always pick up after my dog. I walk her in the street so she goes in the gutter. PS It’s so gross to let your dog pee on our buildings, too, btw. It stinks!

    5. New York JJ says:

      I am a dog owner and try to be fastidious about my dog’s stools. I applaud the poster person’s initiative…in part because I’m sick of picking up poop for which my pup is not responsible!

    6. Terri says:

      What about the public taking photos of offenders in the act and posting them to a “wall of shame?”

      • Myron says:

        I’m not a lawyer, just married to one, but I think that publicizing photos of private citizens requires written permission and negotiation of royalty payments. I don’t now about the dogs, though.

        • Cato says:

          Nope. You just can’t take a photograph of someone and then use it *for commercial purposes* — such as an advertising campaign — without their permission.

          If some yutz wants to walk down the street with Poopsie poopifying the sidewalk, there’s no reason you can’t take a photo and post it in a public place, on-line, etc. Just don’t try to make any money out of it.

          Besides, a “private citizen”, whatever that is, loses a lot of that “privacy” by walking down the street. (I often comment aloud on the cell-phone chats of those blocking pedestrian traffic while yacking, and sometimes peer over obviously to read someone’s texting.) If you want privacy, stay home.

          Just ask your spouse.

    7. Lu Cribari says:

      Now here’s a scoop! Thanks to the artist with a nose for news.

    8. innerspacegirl says:

      Bravo Citizen X! I’ve noticed a significant increase in dog poo on West 80th Street over the last month or so and I’m getting tired of picking it up. So far I haven’t caught anyone in the act. I was thinking about leaving the poo piles in situ but adding a sheet of paper with a request that the offending owner take care of it. This person beat me to the punch with a lot more creativity.

    9. West Side Mom says:

      How creative. Perhaps he can next photograph humans who love to spit huge loogies and lungers in the street, on the sidewalk, and wherever else they see fit, which then gets dragged into our homes. If Ebola hit NY we’d all be dead with this prevalent behavior spreading disease. Far more dangerous than dog business.

    10. Bonnie Rice says:

      I thought about using side walk chalk like a joke bubble, asking, “who forgot their shit?”
      I agree with this humorous way to address something that is disgusting.
      I have called people out for not picking up!!

    11. Jennifer says:

      As a dog owner, I agree this does suck and it’s rude… as are a myriad of other things in NYC that people do, or fail to do… *the list is quite extensive of afore-mentioned ”things’, btw…