China Fun, a Chinese restaurant on Columbus Avenue between 71st and 72nd streets, closed its doors this week, months after a fire forced it to close temporarily.

The February fire, which apparently started in the restaurant’s kitchen, forced it to close for months — they still did deliveries but sent the food from their Upper East Side location. The restaurant also got a C rating from the Health Department earlier this year.

China Fun was a decent neighborhood spot with all of the standards plus dim sum. Eileen, who sent us the photo above, said she’d miss the Peking duck and dim sum in particular.

Don’t fret too much. We have lots of restaurant and bar openings to report, but haven’t gotten a chance to write about them. Expect more news in the next few days.

Thanks to Eileen and James for the tips.

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    1. larry winderbaum says:

      love the west side rag
      saw west side story in the park last night, and joined gertrude ederle rec ctr by reading about them here
      so pleased someone told me about it
      i tell everyone on the UWS about it, but i am astounded about how few know that it exists
      do you want to expand readership?
      shouldn’t be too hard to get the word out
      i can help if you wish

    2. Craig says:

      Good riddance. The staff of this place was very rude every time I’d call for pickup. The food was decent, but nothing special. Let that be a lesson to the owners that customer service DOES still matter!

    3. TG says:

      This place didn’t do everything right, but they did have the best pork and chive fried dumplings in the area. I’m definitely going to miss that.

    4. NikFromNYC says:

      Canteen@82nd/Col = soup dumplings almost as good as Joe’s Shanghai.

    5. Julie says:

      So sad! Definitely going to miss the soy sauce chicken 🙁 And the soup dumplings at Canteen 82 are no where near as good as the Chinatown variety. Sorry, just saying.

    6. jerry says:

      No great loss. Was OK about a dozen years ago.
      Sorry to say, the UWS (the birthplace of the neighborhood Chinese restaurant), simply doesn’t have a good one today.

      • Christine E says:

        I agree, there has not been decent Chinese food since 88 Noodle closed several years back (sigh).

      • James says:

        Grand Sichuan on Amsterdam and 75th is far better than anything we’ve had on the UWS for some time. i’m not missing Ollie’s and won’t be missing China Fun.

    7. Richard says:

      I thought the food was okay, but the “Fun” part never rang true for me.

    8. ANONOMOUS says:

      Could this be where Vince is opening?

      • Cato says:

        Yes, but with two others: Amor, Vince et Omnia.

        (Who’s Vince? Is that another frozen yogurt place? Or did Duane Reade change his name??)

    9. Mark says:

      This was the only place around where you could get some traditional Chinese food items like fried oil sticks (you tiao) with warm sweet soy milk, savory soy milk, fried turnip cake and others and – speaking as someone who lived in Taiwan and is married into a Chinese family – did them quite well. It was a great place for brunch with the kids even if the service wasn’t great. Our family will definitely miss it.