The view from the back of the building, where firefighters were attempting to put out the fire.

A fire on Columbus Avenue between 71st and 72nd Street on Saturday morning sent flames shooting from the roof of 246 Columbus Avenue and caused firefighters to close down Columbus Avenue south of 72nd.

The fire was called in at 10:25 a.m., and 12 units with 60 firefighters responded. It was in the building above China Fun restaurant. A witness told us he saw large flames jumping from the roof shortly after the blaze began.

In the back of the building, firefighters on the roof broke through a window of what appeared to be a second-floor apartment, and were using chainsaws. Upper West Sider Jason Haber said it smelled like gas outside of the building. The fire started in the building’s ductwork (air conditioning, etc.), but it was unclear on what floor it began, an FDNY spokesman told us.

No injuries were reported and the fire was under control by 11:46 a.m.

The view from the front of the building.

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    1. ScooterStan says:

      Is China Fun a szechuan place? Cause this could give a new meaning to “Hot and Spicy”!

      Imagine General Tzo’s Chicken with a smokey flavor! Yum!

    2. naro says:

      I will never live above a Chinese restaurant. They are extremely prone to fires. We had another one at Ollie’s recently.

    3. ScooterStan says:

      Re the above: “I will never live above a Chinese restaurant. They are extremely prone to fires….”

      True, and probably cucharachas, mice, strange odors, etc.

      But then again, think how quickly you could get your takeout (or “Takeaway,” as they say in Jolly Olde England) orders !