Terrible news Friday morning around 10:20 a.m.: someone was hit by a 1 train at the 86th street stop. There have been multiple conflicting reports about the incident, but it appears that the victim was an Asian male and he may have been walking between cars when he fell. So far, he has not been identified and his condition was unknown, although the Post said he “suffered trauma.”

The New York Post reported that a witness told them he may have been walking between train cars when he slipped:

“That person slipped and fell,” said Debesh Barua, 39, a newsstand owner. “While they did their investigation, the train wasn’t operating for an hour and a half.”

We have heard conflicting reports from multiple witnesses, and several people had thought the victim was a woman.

Meg sent us this account:

“My husband was on the downtown 1 train about 20 minutes ago and apparently it hit a woman. He said the train didn’t have a weird stop at all, they just didn’t open the doors immediately when they pulled into the 86th street stop. He saw people waiting for the train looking underneath at the tracks. They announced a conductor investigation and he saw the conductor go by, then they started hearing a woman crying and the conductor telling someone not to move. They were stuck on the car for approximately 10 minutes until the police arrived. John said it was rough, the woman was clearly in pain and crying. Not sure what the outcome will be for her. Rough stuff.”

Other witnesses were traumatized by the incident.

We will update as we learn more.

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    1. Lynn says:

      I was on there. It was a man. And i heard the screams too. I don’t know how he fell or if he was on there – but i we just came into the 86th station and then the doors didn’t open for more than 10 min – then we knew something was wrong.
      terrible and i hope he is ok.

    2. Diane says:

      He was a man. He was going to graduate this year & attending NYIT. He was an international student from Nanjing. He was in critical condition all week and passed away this morning. Please keep him & his family in your thoughts & prayers.