People who ate cut fruit at the Westside Market on Broadway and 97th street, where a worker was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis A, aren’t messing around. They are clearly listening to the city Health department’s recommendation that anyone who bought cut fruit at the market from August 9 to August 22 get a vaccination.

At least 60 of them were lined up outside of the Community Action School at 154 West 93rd Street this afternoon waiting for free shots when our tipster walked by and snapped this photo. That doesn’t include all of the people who were inside getting the shots.

A reader tells us that the process went smoothly:

“Just got my shot. It was overall organized and efficient and most people were polite and friendly. I arrived a little before 2 (when it opened) and the whole thing took about an hour. The line was half-way down the block when I left. Lots of murmurs of outrage and hysterics.”

There could be thousands of people who need to get shots: Westside Market estimates that it sells 100 fruit containers a day. If you can’t make it today, don’t worry. Shots are available at the following times at the same location:

Friday, August 23: 2pm – 8pm
Saturday, August 24:  10am – 2pm
Sunday, August 25:  2pm – 6pm
Monday, August 26:  2pm – 8pm
*(Those with insurance, please bring your insurance card with you)

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    1. Vince says:

      Sorry to learn that people decided to further pollute their bodies with any vaccine.

    2. NikFromNYC says:

      Even though James “Coal Death Trains” Hansen no longer haunts the Tom’s Diner building where NASA has some penthouse computer terminals, his old sidekick Gavin Schmidt still runs the main “Hockey Stick Team” web site RealClimate.org along with Michael “Hide The Decline” Mann of Penn State and Climategate infamy. That web site is still registered in the name of Environmental Media Services, a division of the PR firm Fenton Communications which also was behind the mass promotions of both the junk science silicone breast implant scare that bankrupted Dow Corning, and the autism/vaccine scam.

    3. Really? says:

      Thanks for contributing to the reemergence of measles, polio, and whooping cough Vince!

    4. denton says:

      “Those with insurance, please bring your insurance card with you”

      IOW, you pay instead of Western Market’s insurance company.

      • Liz says:

        Denton is 100% right. Why should your insurance pay for this treatment. West Side Market hired the person with Hep. A. Let them pay. Why should your insurance rates go up. Also, with everybody and their brother having access to all your records, including medical, do you really want everybody knowing what shots you get and why?

    5. Scooter Stan says:

      Ahhh…pre-cut fruit, yet another modern-day convenience, slicing our food into little rectangles so that there are now SIX surfaces on each piece available for all the opportunistic microbes to latch on and begin their attack.

      Try this experiment: 1) buy a whole un-cut cantaloupe and a container of pre-cut cantaloupe thingies; 2) leave both out on a counter-top for 5 or 6 days; 3) check to see which one looks less edible.

      ESPECIALLY because cantaloupe rinds, pineapple rinds, etc. are notorious for harboring all sorts of nasty organisms that, if ingested, can make a person, especially a child whose immune system is not all that strong, dangerously ill. And even though YOU might be smart enough to thoroughly wash a cantaloupe or pineapple before cutting into it, thereby avoiding the chance that an organism on the rind will be transferred to the pretty orange flesh, a minimum-wage store employee pressed for time probably will NOT take that precaution.

      “But, Scooter,” you say, “we are a busy people with no time to wash and cut our own cantaloupe. We have Twitter Tweets to read and episodes of “Keeping up With the Kardashians” to watch! And we can pay for the convenience. This is 2013 Amurrica, for gosh sakes, so get with it, bro!”

      Yup, which is why we have innovations like peanut butter AND jelly in one jar…or Pop-Tarts…or Lunchables!

      What’s next? Sliced rye bread?!?!?!

      • Beth says:

        I buy pre-cut cantaloupe and watermelon, because I am the only one who likes it in my family. If I bought a whole fruit, it would go bad before I could finish eating it.

        In this day and age I understand that it is easy to throw out some smart aleck remark online, but it may be better to take a second and refrain from judging the motives of strangers.

        • Scooter Stan says:

          Well…a medium-sized HURRAH for you, Beth!

          And, to amend your little “it’s all about me” diatribe in which you write, “In this day and age I understand that it is easy to….” ummmm….tell thousands of strangers who really DO NOT CARE ONE IOTA about how wonderful you are?

          Ummm…thanks for sharing, sort of. BUT DO WATCH OUR FOR E. COLI AND OTHER NASTIES ON THAT CUT FRUIT!

          Wouldn’t want you getting sick and thus unable to regale us about about your personal life!

    6. Neil says:

      Vince, before vaccines, we were all disease-ridden. The meme that vaccines are bad has repeatedly been shown to be based on faulty data. It was based on bad science.

    7. UWSider says:

      Today’s line was not too long, and the Health Dept team was remarkably efficient, friendly and helpful. Very impressed at how well they responded to this situation. A model for other city agencies, hint, hint.

    8. Marisa says:

      I haven’t seen any signs in Westside alerting people of this health issue. Not everyone reads westsiderag or myupperwest. The people who need to be alerted are the people actually shopping there, since they are likely there on a regular basis. They might want to get the vaccine if they think they’ve been exposed.