A falcon or hawk apparently fell to the ground near Trader Joe’s on Broadway between 71st and 72nd street this afternoon at about 2:30 p.m., according to an email we received from a reader.

“I came out of Trader Joe’s and headed towards 71st on Broadway and saw a crowd of people around what I assumed was someone who fell (in front of the Verizon store).  As I got closer I realized it was an animal.  There were about a dozen people surrounding a large bird — some type of bird of prey like a falcon or hawk.  It was on its side with it’s left wing splayed out on the sidewalk.  It’s mouth was open and it was sort of gasping for breath.  It wasn’t trying to move or get up on its feet.  One man was on the phone, maybe with 311, trying to get to someone to help the bird.  Another woman was crouching at the bird and using her hands to keep it still and calm it.  I had passed that spot about 20 minutes before and the bird wasn’t there.  I have no idea how it got injured — maybe it flew into the high-rise at 72nd and Broadway?  But it certainly was very injured and scared.

It was upsetting to see the bird with such injury, and having no idea who to call.  I hope it was rescued.”

If you know anything about this incident, please let us know. We haven’t heard back yet from the Wild Bird Fund, which has an animal rehab center on 87th street. This article from the Wild Bird Fund explains what to do if you find an injured bird that has hit a window.

Read another reader’s account of her encounter with a dazed owl last year on 74th street here.

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    1. Allie says:

      any update on the bird?

    2. Rita McMahon says:

      The Wild Bird Fund got a call yesterday from one of the people in the huddle of bystanders outside Trtader Joe’s. The man was going to bring the raptor to us, but worried that others were planning to take it to Animal Care & Control. Birds that go to AC&C are relayed to the Wild Bird Fund, but for the sake of the animal it is better that it comes directly to us to save time and stress for the bird. We were waiting for it, but unfortunately the bird never arrived at the WBF. We do not know what happened to it or where it is. For future reference one can bring injured wildlife directly to the Wild Bird Fund at 565 Columbus Avenue (just north of 87th Street).

    3. Scooter Stan says:

      Is this the avian world’s equivalent of “flipping Trader Joe’s ‘the bird’ ” ?

      Perhaps TJ’s will be featuring “Foods to go with cooked hawk” in its circular?

      Which recalls this oldie from the world of commercial aviation:

      A pilot departing La Guardia radios the tower to say, “Tower, be advised. There’s some sort of large dead bird about half-way down Runway four!”

      Which means the tower controller is obligated to pass along this information.

      Thus the following (apocryphal) dialogue–

      LGA Tower: Eastern 123, previous departure reported a large dead bird midway down runway four.

      Eastern 123: Roger. We heard that, and we’ve already notified our catering department!

      Definitely an old joke, as it dates back to the time when airlines actually served meals on board.

    4. yojimbot says:

      Sounds like a hawk had a collision with a window. In the future, if this occurs again, please contact me asap as I am an experienced rescuer and work with the best rehabbers in the business. Let us know if there’s any follow up.


    5. Christina says:

      Are there lots of birds of prey on the UWS of late? Because there is a hawk having breakfast on my fire escape today.