The saga of PD O’Hurley’s took another turn on Tuesday, as the bar was officially evicted from its new home at 250 West 72nd Street after getting priced out of its former location a block away. The landlord took possession of the property pursuant to a civil court warrant.

PD O’Hurley’s had a strong local following, and was a favorite for firefighters (they sponsored a firefighter softball team).

The bar had to leave its original location at 174 West 72nd Street (on the East Side of Broadway) last month and consolidated operations with the former PD O’Hurley’s West End at 250 West 72nd (just off of West End Avenue). A bartender told us the rent had gone up at the first location. We have gotten several anonymous emails from people complaining that the bar has not been keeping up with its bills. Our previous attempts to contact Paul Hurley were unsuccessful.

The furniture in the bar has been cleared out, and there’s a piece of wood across the front window.

Thanks to Chris for the photo.

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    1. N says:

      That was not an appropriate place for a bar. Too bad Purple Fig was so awful, terrible. Frankly, would not mine a Starbucks or Irving Farm in there.

    2. Me says:

      If Paul Hurley had paid his bills, the original place would still be open. People who were at the 2nd bar on the last night were surprised as they watched the front window being opened and the kitchen being taken out piece by piece. I am pretty sure Paul Hurley will never answer your emails….