Wake me, for I must be dreaming. Sprinkles Cupcakes, a Los Angeles-based cupcake company with a location on East 60th Street, is supposedly going to install a cupcake ATM machine on the Upper West Side this year! According to the Daily News, the machines will be restocked numerous times throughout the day, and they’ll be open 24 hours a day. As you can see in the picture above from Sprinkles’ facebook page, the ATM machines actually look like ATM machines from about 10 years ago.

The first location (there will be 3 in New York) will open this summer, although it’s unclear when and where the Upper West Side ATM will be. We will keep our eyes open and our ears attuned. If you see, hear or smell anything let us know!

    1. Michelle says:

      Cupcake ATM! LOVE!!

    2. Kerice says:

      MasterCard should partner with Sprinkles Cupcakes to add a Paypass reader to the ATM.

    3. Nancy Wadler says:

      With the economy being what it is, this gimmick makes me think of “Let Them Eat Cake”.

      • Michelle says:

        Interesting Nancy — hadn’t even thought of that .. I just know cupcakes makes me happy, and if there’s an easier way of getting them, I’m all for it!

      • elis says:

        dont forget about those starving children in africa. yeah, theyre still starving.

        • Phil says:

          Every time you get your…withdrawal, this machine should show you on a ticker how many starving children could have been fed with the money used to develop this machine and with your cupcake. Starving children in the US, I mean, not in Africa.

    4. Yooj says:

      ATM stands for Automatic TELLER Machine. This might be an ACM, but not an ATM.

    5. Natalie says:

      That is so genius!!

    6. As Crazy Eddie would say…”this is insane!” I was in the process of proposing a cupcake or confection zoning law – but at this point I say give it up and rename the Upper West Side “Cupcake Land”. I’m sure we can come up with some pretty signage like the Diamond District.