When something happens once, it could be an anomaly. But when it happens twice, it’s a trend. In fact, if it happens twice it will probably get a write-up in the New York Times Style section.

So here’s a trend: people are locking up plastic children’s toys. This shot was taken by Sarah G., an Upper West Sider with a quick eye and a good sense of humor, on 111th Street and Broadway in front of Mel’s Burger Bar.

When I first encountered this trend on the Upper East Side last year, I made fun of it in an article entitled “Upper West Side Parents are Neurotic, but Upper East Side Parents are Downright Paranoid.”

But becoming a parent changes a person, and I am no longer so dismissive of such protectiveness. Because even if the toy costs $20, avoiding the temper-tantrum that you will endure when the toy disappears is worth approximately $1 billion.

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    1. Goodness, who knew that we’d have to even lock up our toy cars on the Upper West Side. We completely agree with you about the price vs. value question of the item. It could be completely worthless, but to someone else it may be worth more than any price tag.