Local Man Charged in Hit and Run that Killed Actress Lisa Banes

Lisa Banes. Photograph by JGleick via wikimedia.

By Carol Tannenhauser

On Thursday, police arrested a man they say ran a red light on Amsterdam Avenue at West 64th Street on June 4th, hitting actress Lisa Banes, then fleeing the scene of the crash.

“Officers from the 20th Precinct recognized Brian Boyd, 26, from a wanted poster and picked him up in the lobby of his building at 90 Amsterdam Avenue at around 6:30 p.m.,” an NYPD spokesman told WSR. Boyd is charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, as well as with failure to yield to a pedestrian.

Banes was initially taken to Mt. Sinai Morningside with severe head trauma. She died 10 days later.

Perhaps best known for her roles in the movies “Gone Girl” and “Cocktail,”  the well-loved actress also made many television and theater appearances. She was visiting New York City from Los Angeles when she was struck, and had reportedly stopped off to visit her alma mater, Juilliard, at nearby Lincoln Center.

She is survived by her wife, Kathryn Kranhold.

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    1. NYYgirl says:

      Thank you NYPD

    2. babrarus says:

      If he’s found guilty-
      Lock him up for life.

    3. EdNY says:

      I must say that recent police work in apprehending suspects in a variety of violent crimes has been encouraging.

    4. Carlos says:

      Such a sad story but glad the police solved it. Glad we aren’t defunding the police or who would be solving crimes like this?

      • DavidS says:

        Which specific “defund the police” proposal specifically removes funding for the apprehension of vehicular homicide suspects?

    5. John E. says:

      Good news! I hope he serves a long time in jail if he was the one who ran over Lisa Banes.

      I’m tired of dodging these morons who run red lights or go the wrong way on one way streets.

      • B.B. says:

        Top charge carries only max seven (7) years imprisonment plus fines. Highly doubt accused will see anything remotely coming close. More so with today’s “woke” and “progressive” political culture that has taken over even district attorney offices.


        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

          It’s too bad that “BB” and some others are trying to politicize this tragic case. Everyone wants justice for Ms. Banes, a fair trial, and a fair and just punishment if the accused is found guilty.

          The use of “woke” as a pejorative is an attack on people who are concerned with ending racism in the criminal justice system. Judging by the recent DA election, that is the vast majority of Manhattan Democratic voters. All the candidates were progressive to significant degree, except for Elizabeth Crotty, who had the support of the police unions. She got 4.6% of the vote.

          This is because most Manhattanites have recognized that there are inequities built into the system that have to be addressed; they have gone on for too long.

          BB is free to maintain and express his or her views but these views are out of step with the majority of UWSers.

          • Otis says:

            @ Bruce Bernstein

            By your own repeated admission you live in a building that is nearly 100% white.

            Perhaps you’re not the right person to be lecturing the rest of us about “inequities built into the system” and the “progressive” values of the UWS.

            But yes, this actress’s death is a tragedy and let’s wait for due process before we point fingers at anyone.

            • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

              I thought WSR does not permit personal attacks on the comments page?

              I criticized the right wing ideas represented. Otis attempts to discredit and attack me personally.

              I don’t know when I ever said my building was “nearly 100% white.” The fact is that it was integrated when I moved in, almost 30 years ago. As it went more upscale in the 2000s, fewer Black and Hispanic residents moved in. There are still a lot of Asian residents, the last time I looked they were non white.

              But this is a really dopey argument from Otis. The vast number of UWSers of all races voted against racial criminal justice inequities in the last DA and city council elections. What is his point? White UWSers don’t have the right to express that opinion or take that vote? Maybe he is angry because his side got defeated so completely.

              By the way, I am not sure how he knows what race /ethnicity i and my family are. Nor why he should care.

        • Milt Mankoff says:

          What wokeness would apply to hit and run? None. Try to avoid sounding like an idiot to support yiur views, because when you don’t only fellow idiots will say amen.

          I also think the slogan “defund the police” is stupid, precisely because it leads to these ridiculous caricatures. However, some proposals, obscured by a dumb slogan, can be very worthwhile.

          In any case, no one other than the perp in this case would want his crime to be ignored, even if the penalty can’t be what intentional homicide would merit. He did a reckless thing and fled the scene out of panic or lack of remorse. He did not plan to kill the victim.

    6. Jake says:

      He was let out without bail. Good police work. Lousy policies.

    7. Torvald says:

      Sentencing guidelines are a mixed bag. Sometimes they avoid injustice and sometimes just the opposite.

    8. NYYgirl says:

      So glad that he was caught!!

    9. Bruce says:

      Ms Banes was struck five blocks from Mt Sinai West yet was taken 50 blocks north to Mt Sinai Morningside. The trauma she experienced may have been so profound that the distance made no difference, yet that seems quite odd, does it not?

    10. sean says:

      I hope you have his is on NY ONE.. TV PLASTERED ALL OVER.. : There are bikes running lights all the time: they also come on their bikes theu the pedestrian standing space ( they that little island ) to get to a bike lane… They are constantly on the sidewalks.. On 72 street from the Ribbon Restaurant— There is no reason they can’t ride on the street or walk their bikes the block between Columbus and CPW… They do not care. Most of them speed up.. not down. They pass the little walkway left for pedestrians starting at Lily’s restaurant on the corner of 72st. They ride right down the sidewalk!

      More action is needed. Showing there are CONSEQUENCES will help.. Please make sure this is broadcasted. If you say something even remotely nice.. They speed up or try to speed around you

      That goes for the 72 st bikes in the park below Strawberry Fields —- The bikes are NOT STOPPING ON THEIR RED.. OUR WALK SIGN.. it is very dangerous there! If they see a cop— that stop! If not monitored, they swing around that stretch as fast as they can… not heading their light to stop.. VERY DANGEROUS..

    11. Jo Baldwin says:

      Who says NYPD isn’t always on the job? Great work officers. Now let’s see what the courts have to say.