Openings & Closings: Epices Bakery, Blue Marble, Zai’s Dessertery, Allbirds, Hex & Co.

Epices Bakery is back at at 104 West 70th Street, the former home of Le Gourmand, and before that Pain D’Epice, which replaced the iconic Soutine. Thanks to Elke and Viktor for the tip.

Blue Marble ice cream shop plans to open on the northeast corner of Broadway and 97th Street on Saturday at 10 a.m. with free scoops to the first 100 customers. They also have coffee and pastries from Colson Patisserie. Learn more about it here.

Zai’s Dessertery is a dessert shop that’s opening on Amsterdam and 83rd Street next to Fred’s. The owner and baker is Zainab Illyas, who has two similar shops in New Jersey, which are apparently known throughout the state. “When you taste my product, you’ll know why,” she says. Illyas is from Sri Lanka and has lived in the U.S. for 20 years. Her specialty is French macarons. They are shooting for a June opening.

Shoe and clothing chain Allbirds is opening at 201 Columbus Avenue between 69th and 70th Street, the former of Joie. Allbirds items are made from natural materials, like eucalyptus trees and merino wool, the company says. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

Hex & Co., which sells games and hosts game-playing events, is moving to Broadway between 113th and 114th (we initially incorrectly thought it was opening on 102nd, based on a tip). We last wrote about them here. Thanks to Scott for the tip.

The mystery tenant at the former GNC (163 West 72nd Street) appears to be a new deli from Wahlid Alkandi, who is behind the new delis at the former Amsterdam Deli at 401 Amsterdam Avenue and the former Le Pain at 494 Amsterdam Avenue. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

A new juice/smoothie place is coming to Amsterdam between 83rd and 84th on the east side of street between the CPW clothing store and David’s check cashing. Thanks to Rachel for the tip.

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    1. Mark Moore says:

      Didn’t another macaron shop just close on Columbus recently? It must be hard to pay the rent selling macarons, though it looks like Zai’s has more diverse offerings than that other place did:

    2. Lisa S Berger says:

      Does anyone know what (if anything) is moving into the Janovic space on Bdwy between 102 and 103? Janovic is moving a few blocks down Broadway.

    3. david natoli says:

      Does anyone know what is replacing Le Terrine at 73rd and Columbus? Looks like it has been rented.

    4. Giulia says:

      The West End space IS the space at 113th/114th and Bway. Pretty sure you’ve got one location confused into two 😉

    5. Annie says:

      Today was opening day at Épices Bakery! I walked in and tried the puff pastry with cherry tomatoes, pesto and béchamel sauce. It was divine. A taste of Paris in the ‘hood! The baguette was perfectly crusty on the outside, soft on the inside with wonderful flavor. Nothing like the industrial bread at TJs and Fairway, which have no hint of flavor although the texture is acceptable. Épices is a real gem.

      • Jeff says:

        Your rapturous descriptions impelled me to visit Epices today, can confirm the baguette is très authentique. They didn’t have the puff pastry (but graciously vowed to have it ready on Sunday), so I selected a petite broccoli quiche and a shimmering double-plum tart, both were lovely (and filling after just a few bites). The reopening is definitely a win for the neighborhood.

    6. Joyce Weidenaar says:

      Has anyone counted the percentage of new tenants who sell baked goods and sweets? Seems like there are more dessert shops these days than banks! Glad to see any new tenants, though.

    7. sam seibert says:

      The Good Enough to Eat cows! Bring them back!

    8. chris m. says:

      The new Hex & Co location is at 2911 Broadway between 113th & 114th and that was the former site of Havana Central @ the West End. Not sure about the mention of expanding to 102nd & Broadway; it’s current location is on Broadway between 111th & 112th.

    9. Sarah says:

      Whew. I was worried Hex was closing!

    10. JRo says:

      Blue Mercury on Broadway between 83rd and 84th is closing tomorrow. Their store on B’way and 92 will remain open.

    11. AnDee says:

      Bring back Fowad!

      • T Sato says:

        I remember FOWAD! Such a strange store but I actually go a few great outfits in the basement – Jones New York work and party outfits.

    12. BillyNYC says:

      I’m on a diet…

    13. rteplow says:

      Lots of good news here, but I’m especially happy about Allbirds. They’re great shoes!

    14. susan says:

      When we moved to 95th Street 25 years ago Fowad was at the corner of 96th & Broadway. I bought a summer house dress I adored there. I wore it until it fell apart — by that time Fowad was long gone, alas.

    15. Julia says:

      Anyone know what’s happening in the former beloved Henry’s at 105 and Broadway?
      It’s being spiffed up.