Apartments Available in Lincoln Towers Could Make Attractive Pieds-a-Terre


Why Lincoln Towers?  Lincoln Towers apartments have long been a haven for Manhattan pied-a-terre lovers because of its proximity to one of the world’s leading cultural centers, its enclave-like privacy, its easy access for out-of-towners, its safe, on-site parking, its garden-like campus and its generous portfolio of amenities.

The Pandemic’s Price Impact.  However, the pandemic has made it a price point bargain, at least for the time being.  When CoVid-19 struck last February, many Lincoln Towers pied-a-terre apartment owners, fearing exposure to the virus, stopped coming into Manhattan for their regular cultural fixes.  Many of them, now regarding their pieds-a-terre as useless cash drains, decided to sell them, consequently, creating a flood of supply on the market far in excess of demand, and driving price points down significantly.

Today’s Bargain.  Now, however, that there’s a growing sense of confidence that the virus is coming under control and that the economy is on the rebound, these Lincoln Tower pieds-a-terre are being recognized as significant, although transient, money-saving opportunities.

As of the moment there are dozens of Lincoln Towers apartments on the market that are suitable candidates for pieds-a-terre, ranging in size from studios to two bedrooms, from low to high floor heights, or with great views, with or without balconies and in various states of condition.  Many are priced below the market.

If this is if interest to you, please arrange to see appropriate apartments as soon as you possibly can: the bargains will not last in this heating-up market.

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To open and email a form to me to indicate your preferences regarding size, floor height, balcony, condition, move-in date, and, of course price range. I will, in turn, send you data sheets for apartments that match your stated requirements.  You can choose which of these, if any, that you’d like to see.

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