Gargantuan Snowman With Teal Scarf Refuses to Melt

Photo by Barry Langer.

An extremely tall snowman is standing sentry in the middle of Central Park around West 70th Street, resisting the gradual melt-off that’s taken hold throughout the rest of the park and the city.

Apparently the snowman, which appears to have been over 8 feet at its peak, was constructed on Sunday by an architect whose name may be Marty. It took him 5 hours, according to our tipster Shelley.

Below is a photo of the architect.

Photo by Shelley. The snowman appears to have shrunk as the snow melted.

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

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    1. So tired says:

      Thank god, no way (at least that I foresee) for this post to devolve into a Trump-Biden war or some debate about which restaurant is better than which other restaurant. Thank you.

    2. Question says:

      Random question. Are there any UWS food pantries where one can drop off food?

      • Caesarl says:

        West End Collegiate Church has a Community Fridge that accepts all donations! It’s a great program where people can get fresh dairy and produce and prepared foods in addition to the usual food donation fare. It’s located in the church’s portico off of 77th street and is completely run by community members taking care of neighbors! Bring your donations by during business hours – full info here:

      • LivableCity says:
        West side campaign against hunger website says they are not accepting donations due to Covid – but website has a number you can call. Great organization.

        • HelenD says:

          They are taking monetary donations. Check out the ‘What’s New,” section:

          …”read the letter WSCAH wrote in collaboration with other emergency feeding organizations on the allocation of city funds for COVID-19.”

          It’s quite shocking that they, among others, were not given an assistance. 🙁

          Keep in mind that if you’re an Amazon user you can also select a charity that receives money anytime you order through

      • Wellness says:

        I heard there is a community fridge on Columbus and 101 st.

    3. Sally says:

      The architect has an instagram account skyskribble

    4. Allison says:

      His name is Wyatt Smith!

    5. Maxwell says:

      Saw it yesterday afternoon..a lovey NYC surprise..