New Details About Two New Restaurants

Photo by Glenn Mack.

Restaurants are expanding on the Upper West Side even in these tough times, and we got some more intel on two of them.

Broad Nosh Bagels has officially opened at 2350 Broadway at 86th Street, the former home of Cafe 86. The menu looks more like a diner menu than a simple bagel joint. There are burgers and fries, pancakes, all sorts of salads, knishes, pastas, chicken wings, smoothies. Oh, and bagels too. They’re $1.50 each and $12.95 for the nova sandwich. If you’ve tried them, let us know in the comments.

And we reported a few days ago on what looked like a new spinoff of Noi Due Cafe at 491 Columbus Avenue near 84th. It turns out it’s not a new concept — Noi Due on 69th Street is simply moving into the new location.

The new spot will feature an open kitchen, brick oven pizza, a bar with high-top tables and two party rooms. Noi Due will be debuting a new concept in the current spot on 69th after a short closure next year.

Noi Due Carne will stay where it is at 141 West 69th Street.

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    1. Merrill says:

      Still hoping Vanessa’s Dumplings opens on the Upper West Side. Could still do well with carry out!

    2. Mary says:

      2350 Broadway will always be Williams Chicken for me.

    3. MAD says:

      Are there any good Asian noodle soup places that don’t charge an arm and a leg? I’m wondering about chicken soba, etc. Thanks!

    4. Curma Johnly says:

      From the window, Broad Nosh looks kind of like the last tenant of the Williams BBQ space. Generic Gigi-Cafe-l like offerings. If anyone has tried the bagel and found them non-generic tasting, please let us know!

      • Paul says:

        Had one the other day, it was fine.

      • rteplow says:

        I think it’s a big improvement: better menu with more bagel options at decent prices. I had a bagel with nova. Not Barney Greengrass, but perhaps equal to Tal’s Bagels. I’m happy to have it and wish it well.

    5. Slo says:

      Broad Nosh bagels have been fantastic, mouthwatering so far. Had the everything bagel 2X with lox & a cinnamon raisin- super soft with a crunchy exterior. Love it

    6. Anita Brause says:

      I tried the bagels yesterday. One weighed in at 6 1/2,ozs and the other at 5.7 ozs. I thought they were the best bagel I’ve had in a long time but I like my bagels soft and chewy. Give it a try.

    7. UWSer says:

      Is Noi Due Cafe the same as Cafe Noi, previously near 86th and Amsterdam? Crossing fingers…

    8. TC says:

      I’ve been to Broad Nosh twice already. They’re not bad! I’m mostly just excited that I don’t have to go all the way up to the 100’s for a good bagel, and not all the way to Columbus or down to the 70’s for a slightly-better-than-okay bagel. I’ve had two bagel sandwiches – the SEC and BEC. They were a bit stingy with the sausage or bacon, but the eggs were good. The first bagel I had there was pretty good – the second was more on the chewier side. I’ll go back though. Is it me, or do the food offerings kind of suck in the 80s lol? Im just happy to not have to travel far (I live between Bway and WEA) or spend an arm and a leg there.

    9. ActfoolishJulia says:

      I’m no bagel expert, but I’ve had the cinnamon-raisin bagel at Broad Nosh twice and loved them. Lots of big, plump raisins, mild cinnamon flavor, and visible twists in the dough.

    10. Caroline says:

      Bagels at broad nosh are wonderful – fluffy if you like that. The juices and eggs are great too

    11. Jan says:

      Just discovered an upscale vegetarian
      Restaurant next to Khiels on Columbus Ave/62
      At last! Healthy food! An delicious too
      Chevj it out

    12. Andrew says:

      A sign is up reading “Hachi Macki” in front of the former Brad’s Burgers on Columbus.

    13. Emily says:

      The bagels are delicious and extremely well priced! They are very fluffy and you can see the twists in the dough which is fun. My husband and I had been frequenting H&H but they are a bit farther away from our apt, and more expensive, so we will be visiting Broad Nosh more!

    14. Art says:

      What about mamoun? Is it open yet?