Fundraiser Started for Victims of Fire on 75th Street

Photo by Harry Leff.

A neighbor of the rowhouse at 54 West 75th Street where a fire broke out on Tuesday morning has started a fundraiser to help those displaced in the blaze.

Lee Uehara tells us she saw the residents waiting outside the building to go in and get their essential belongings and “It was the only way I could think of to help. ”

She’s looking to raise $5,000 to distribute to those most impacted by the fire. Two firefighters were reported injured.

“The funds will be divided equally among the affected residents who may also live in the vacated B line apartments,” Uehara wrote.

You can donate here.

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    1. UWS for life says:

      That is a lovely gesture Lee Uehara. I donated just now….thank you for setting it up.

    2. Di says:

      Have they lost everything? What can we donate?

    3. Westsider forever says:

      I love this! I live in the A line and am still waiting for info from the landlord. Go UWS Go! Makes me love this city more 😊

    4. Can’t find a link to the Gofundme for the fire. Not in article and can’t find when I search the Gofundme page. Such a nice idea.
      Would be nice to extend also to the injured firefighters.