Sign of the Times: Watching the Big Game from the Outside In

Photo illustration via Amsterdam Ale House.

With the NFL returning on Thursday, sports bars have had to rearrange their usual setups so that people outside can see inside while they eat and drink, in order to comply with Covid-19 rules.

At Amsterdam Ale House, at 340 Amsterdam Avenue (76th), they’ve installed TVs right inside the bar so that people can sit outside and get the full experience without interacting with anyone else: “get here early to secure your spot” on Sunday, they say.

At Blondie’s at 212 West 79th Street, they’ve set up 8 TVs in the windows for people to watch the games from outside. And they’re “trying to add more TVs in the coming weeks.”

So support your local bars, and Go Giants of course!

(Let us know of more bars offering these kinds of setups in the comments.)

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    1. uws guy says:

      Or people could you know… just watch it at home???

    2. Tim says:

      Is kneeling allowed?

    3. Johnny says:

      Any word on Dive Bar 96th? They usually show all of the games and have some outdoor seats.

    4. UWSmaven says:

      Brad’s Burgers and Brews, (fka Firehouse)next to Good Enough to Eat (same owner, local Jeremy Wladis) also set up tables where you can see the TV, it’s great and under a scaffold, too! Great vibe.

    5. charlieWeMissYou says:

      IF we ever needed an excuse to set up giant screens in Central Park for Giants, Jets and (gasp) Bills games, this is it. Just like we used to have for the Philharmonic! Food trucks! Beer trucks! Socially distant football toss and catch!

    6. Kayson212 says:

      Lion’s Head Tavern at Amsterdam and 109th has a couple of TV screens facing out the front windows toward seating. Regular Mets bar but transitions to NFL etc. on game by game basis.

    7. Laura D says:

      Regardless of one of our fave establishment’s attempt to respect all guidelines for re-opening, people are still too close together outside, especially when one considers wind speed and direction… I’ve witnessed this with several restaurants in my neighborhood. But I’m willing to see how it all goes. From my own kitchen,at home, that is.

    8. Wendy says:

      Those TVs would have to bo ginormous to ensure that people would be socially distanced while sitting and watching and drinking and eating, since they are not allowed to serve alcohol without food…..

      sounds like a recipe for a spreading event.