Check Out the New Riverside Park Skate Park in Action

Young people are already flocking to the new skate park at 108th Street inside Riverside Park to ride rails and all sorts of other features. The park had been closed for months for an upgrade, but the “street” section opened earlier this month.

An 11-foot-deep bowl is also under construction.

Check out the video below by David Windt:

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    1. Young Sally says:

      I drove by this on my way back to westchester on Friday…never noticed it before…guess i now know why. Looks nice, although not for me.

    2. Skatemaster says:

      When I go by, I shout “Nice HELMET!”, and get blank stares. Guess I’m just old and want other to become so as well…

    3. UWSSurfer says:

      The skate park is wonderful. I hate seeing the cars in the background.

      Damn you, Robert Moses, for building the Westside Hwy that wrecked Riverside Park so we have to hear cars whizzing by and for destroying Greenwich Village. Viva Jane Jacobs.

    4. Gerald Lynas says:

      There should be tall hedges between the kids and the traffic to help protect them from the noise and the fumes on the highway.

    5. Lorene Farnsworth says:

      Nice! I admire those young skateboarders so much and am so happy they now have such a beautiful place to skate.

    6. Cathy Steck says:

      Love this!! I walk by it everyday with my dog and love to see it reimagined and so many using it. My now grown son spent alot of time with friends in the previous incarnation and I am delighted so see the next generation. Some very skilled kids and some learning, who manage to make space for one another. Lesson to us all! Thank you Dan Garodnik and Helen Rosenthal!