InstaCubby: Upper West Sider Designs the Perfect CovidCubby!


Getting ready to go outside? These days it’s not just about grabbing your phone and keys – it’s about remembering to grab your Mask, Face Shield and Hand Sanitizer!

Being organized is more important than ever and InstaCubby has become the go-to pop-up organizer for all your pandemic-related items…and much more!

InstaCubby is a lightweight, collapsible, six-compartment organizer perfect for your entryway, hallway, closet, home office or any room. The InstaCubby comes in a tote bag and literally pops open. Place it on its back or stand it up. It’s easy to use and keeps all your pandemic items in one place.

In addition to storing all your coronavirus supplies, InstaCubby can also hold a multitude of other items such as water bottles, paper towels, dog leashes, grocery totes umbrellas, cleaning supplies, shoes and anything else you can fit into the six compartments. This one-of-a kind product is a must-have for anyone living in the city. To date, more than 10,000 have been sold to satisfied customers across the country.

The versatile InstaCubby is available in three colors – black, navy and pink. Best of all, it only costs $12.99 and includes a free tote bag.

The InstaCubby is sold on Amazon. Go to check out the pictures and click BUY NOW before they sell out! BTW – Instacubby was invented by an Upper West Sider!

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