Man Found Dead Behind Building on 81st Street, May Have Fallen from Fire Escape

178 West 81st Street.

Police found a 30-year-old man lying on the pavement behind 178 West 81st Street at 2:12 a.m. on Friday, and authorities pronounced him dead shortly afterwards. A spokesperson had no information about what may have hapened to the man, but one news report said he appears to have fallen to his death.

“Police sources said it appeared the victim was on a fire escape smoking a cigarette when he fell,” Pix11 reported. “There was another person with him at the time but it was currently unclear if they had anything to do with the fall, police sources said.”

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    1. Bista says:

      Thank you for your coverage. When you cite addresses could you please provide a cross street? Thank you.

      • Kat French says:

        You must be new to the neighborhood. 81st IS the cross street. UWS streets are all numbered east to west from Central Park:

        <100 = Between CPW and Columbus
        100-199 = Between Columbus and Amsterdam
        200-299 = Between Amsterdam and West End
        300-399 = Between West End and Riverside

    2. May his soul rest in peace and his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.

    3. MG says:

      Condolences and prayers to his family. This is very sad.