Curfew Imposed in New York City Starting Monday Night

Will the streets stay empty, or fill with new protests? Photo by Michael McDowell.

With protests spreading throughout the city, the mayor and governor have announced a curfew starting at 11 p.m. on Monday night and lasting until 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Authorities are also doubling the number of officers deployed around the city to 8,000 from 4,000.

Curfews in other cities have not stopped the protests or arrests.

The announcement is below:

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    1. ben says:

      “Oh dear, we better not stay past curfew and break another law” – said no looting anarchist, ever.
      Curfew only gives police one more excuse to arrest peaceful protesters (as if they needed more).

      • The Truth says:

        No such thing as a peaceful protester if they stay past curfew. That is breaking the law.

      • bloomie says:

        I have heard that there are even white supremacists backing violence on the streets… They are hoping for a race war.

      • Peter says:

        The peaceful protester, having had all/most day to make their point heard peacefully, is home in bed at 11pm, especially with covid around and in the presence of a curfew order.

        Which makes the looting anarchists still out past that time a lot easier to identify and arrest.

        What’s so difficult to understand?

        • ben says:

          Because God forbid peaceful protesters that feel strongly about making their case and voice heard stay up beyond 11 pm amirite? Way to go in telling others how they should conduct their peaceful protesting. Last I checked the 1st amendment doesn’t apply to 5am-11pm only.

          • Jayk van Hoensbroek says:

            Please recheck 1st amendment which only guarantees protection from government prosecution for voicing your opinion. It does not require anyone to listen to your voice, and it does not give anyone the right to otherwise violate the law. It does not allow you to block, obstruct, delay or prevent me from carrying on my legal activities. Your right to free speech ends at my ears, your right to protest ends in my right of way on the street, bridge or roadway. And assuming curfews are legally imposed, 1st amendment does not give you the right to violate them. I believe that all of the above applies to the right to assemble. Lawyers feel free to respond.

        • Robert Forsythe says:

          What is difficult to understand is how people who are already breaking “laws” can be deterred by more “laws”.

          What is the difference between an NYC curfew and the mass house arrest of 60% of the world’s population?

          Curfew was due to a known clear and present danger.

          C.O.V.I.D-19 is an idea.

          S.A.R.S-CoV-2 has not even passed Koch’s Postulates and people are being tested by rtPCR and antibodies; for what(?).

          We are living in Plato’s Cave and would do better to try to support other human beings rather than the very few who have nearly the entire world captive in their homes and afraid to interact.

          There are precedents to these theatrical circumstances. That so many are willfully ignorant is testament to where “civilization” is truly headed.

          P.S. Why is commentary on the fake viral outbreak being censored?

    2. Phooey says:

      This will only affect law-abiding citizens.

      Imagine not being able to visit your dying grandmother, or pay respects at her funeral (her death largely the fault of Cuomo for instituting a policy forcing sick back INTO nursing homes) because of the lockdown, then hearing him say he stands with and supports people joining in massive groups to loot and destroy property. All the while small businesses are still not allowed to open to try to make money to feed their families.
      Want to go to church and pray? No more than 10 people allowed.
      Want to open your business to support your family? Not “yet” allowed.
      Want to destroy property and loot some free sneakers? Cuomo stands with you, until 11pm.

      • bloomie says:

        Sorry to hear that you advocate opening up, which will accelerate infection and cause additional deaths.
        BTW Cuomo didn’t say that he stands with looters… but you probably know that.

        • Chris says:

          Bloomie the cops are watching the looting as they have been told to by our elected leaders NYPD has their hands tied.

      • mkmuws says:

        Nice try at spin there, unfortunately for you most of us are watching the news on a regular basis and know exactly what was actually said. Not sure what country you think you’re in but we respect protest here. The fact that you conflate it with crimes also being committed, pretty disingenuous. Fully exposed.

    3. Susan B Nierenberg says:

      what about people who work the night shift??

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Curfew’s almost never impact workers. This time is no different.

      • The Truth says:

        If they are by themselves, I think cops are smart enough to know they are not part of the protest.

    4. robert says:

      Pls be advised this does not only apply to protesters. It applies to you, I and every other NYC. I would strongly advise against trying to push on this. Violations of curfews, like this one to protect public safety are usually arestable offenses. And the police are not in a playing around mode at this point. This order cover the entire city. It to stop violent acts like these which are happening right now. There have been hundreds of this type of incidents since monday.
      NYC| Manhattan, NY| Officer Assist| 132 E 30th St| PD req immediate assistance for debris being thrown at them from the roof.| NYC249| 16:49
      NYC| Manhattan, NY| Officer Assist| Kenmare & Mulberry St| PD req immediate assistance for a pedestrian struck of people assaulting FDNY members.| NYC249| 00:56
      NYC| Queens, NY| Violent Crime| Almeda Ave & Beach 66th St| 100 PCT rptg confirmed shots fired at their pd unit, no injuries| NYC047| 23:47
      NYC| Manhattan, NY| Violent Crime| SOD| 2nd Ave & E 9th St| PD rptg a group people armed with bats smashing property in the area. Level 1 Mobilization called.| NYC249| 01:23
      NYC| Manhattan, NY| Officer Assist| 504 Broadway| U/D: Units o/s rptg multiple perps in custody. Req prisoner transport wagon.| NYC249| 00:35
      NYC| Manhattan, NY| Shooting/Stabbing| Spring St & Crosby St| PD o/s rptg a male shot in the back. Req rush on EMS.| NYC249| 00:38
      NYC| Manhattan, NY| Shooting/Stabbing| Spring St & Crosby St| U/D: PD rptg 4 BMA perps, LSW all black with white masks. Fled N/B on Crosby St. Victim not likely.| NYC249| 00:41
      NYC| Manhattan, NY| Violent Crime| Green St & Grand St| PD rptg multiple businesses being looted in the area| NYC047| 00:49
      NYC| Manhattan, NY| Violent Crime| East 56th St & Lexington Ave| PD req additional PD units for debris being thrown at officers at a protest| NYC047| 00:51

      • Pork Chop says:

        Robert, would you mind telling us where you’re getting this information? I think people would benefit from having access to events as they unfold. Thank you!

    5. MAD says:

      Cuomo and deBlasio only touched on the issue of now much these large crowds might affect the COVID-19 infection rate going forward. I realize that many people were wearing masks, but some werent, and masks are not absolute protection. Any medical people here want to weigh in on this? It’s hard to find accurate information.

      • Old Stones says:

        Cuomo addressed this after today’s address in the questions, which were more interesting than the prepared talk. He never mentioned the curfew in his speech, for example.

    6. MMD says:

      It’s important to note that people who were jailed said the jails were crowded, the police weren’t wearing masks and there was no hand sanitizer.

    7. JerryV says:

      It’s amazing that Fox News is broadcasting the same information that Phooey has presented here. The simple conclusion must be that the people at Fox News are getting their scoops directly from Phooey. It seems unlikely that Phooey is listening to Fox News and sharing it with us. What is most interesting is that both Phooey and Fox are terrified by Cuomo.

      • Christian says:

        I noticed that Fox similarity too.It’s a huge leap to conflate peaceful protestors with looting criminals like they did.

        I want to be out protesting but I’m 64, disabled, and in a high risk group. If I was even 10 years younger I would be out there.

        Let me say that I understood the first instances of looting because there’s a point where people break and they say “Everything we do is suspect so what’s the use in obeying the law.” I get it. 400 years of this sort of thing would break even the most patient people. Not condoning it; I’m just saying I understand how that frustration makes people act out. But I have seen too much on Twitter, FB Live, YouTube to believe that the looters after that were anything but opportunistic bad guys. And the police are doing a terrible job at policing themselves. Bill De Blasio is feckless and useless in this situation but that’s another line of discussion. However, a curfew isn’t a cure-all. The cure is in how we go forward from here.

    8. UWS_lifer says:

      Ummmm, did everyone forget about the Covid thing?? Ya know, the pandemic? tens of thousands of dead? Second wave on the way, maybe? WTF is going on.

      So let me get this straight…the left is out protesting police violence and social justice, etc. (long over due) and the right/MAGA were just out protesting the virus quarantine/shutdown.

      Will there even be anyone or anything left by November?

    9. Susan says:

      “…the protests have been largely peaceful…” Really, Mr. Mayor…peaceful protestors do not set fire to police cars, throw bricks, bottles and Molotov cocktails. Peaceful protestors do not aimlessly commit crimes, set fires, do not burglarize and do not destroy businesses.

      We are all hurting and send deepest condolences to Mr. Floyd’s family but violence has no place nor will it ever advance anyone’s intentions to effect change.

      Unfortunately the extremist factions are seizing upon this moment with their violence to characterize all protestors in a negative light, and somewhat succeeding.

      To quote Dalai Lama, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

    10. Germain says:

      Curfew or not, my old poodle has to pee when my old poodle has to pee. If I am arrested, they better have a weewee pad in their car.

    11. lisa says:

      The Hospital shift ends at 11:00pm. How are people suppose to get home from work with no public transportation???

    12. Michael UWS says:

      Monitoring media we’ve not seen single incident on the part of NYPD requiring apology or meriting yapping figure heads’ Cuomo & DeBlasio’s back handed denigration claimed against supposed officers ‘not upholding value of this city..’ And what we have seen is hard put to lay at the feet of the officers trying to maintain order and protect persons and property -in spite of an adversarial to law and order City Hall.  Pols secure behind taxpayer security and their safe spaces willingly give unvetted organizations carte blanche for effective civil disorder -in our streets- incanting not peace race hatred and inciting violence to property damage, which has been substantial. The matter is way past a single instance of Floyd George’s obscene and criminal mistreatment by specific individuals. State MSM media has been true to form and directive, aggravating race politics and proselytizing ‘need for justice’ to rile folks up just when the measured process of law must be allowed to take its course. However this and Pandemic blame is nothing more than another transparent last ditch democratic dumpTrump attempt to politically disenfranchise an elected president. Use of critical thinking will reveal and defeat influence of these insipid cultural Marxist propagandists’ and their motives to reduce quality of our lives in fealty to their weird social agendas. Stay well all.

      • Jayk van Hoensbroek says:

        You had me up until the last two sentences. Should have quit while you were ahead. The chaos on the street, though will without question benefit Trump. Another reason to shut it down.

    13. ED says:

      Not much destructive property damage or violence tonight. That’s a relief.

    14. Irate Partisan says:

      More cops on the street and a curfew are steps in the wrong direction. The nypd is out of control. What we are seeing in Manhattan, and especially in Brooklyn, are police riots. It is shameful to see such behavior from those who have sworn to protect and serve. It is time for a major reform of the nypd, and police departments nationwide.

      And to those of you who think it’s cute to play Fox News in the comments, I challenge you to take a look in the mirror and find your better selves.

    15. Barbara Gonzo says:

      This is not about the protests anymore but the covid shutdown. No one would loot In the evening if things were not shut down in a response to covid. I always suspected we would have looting once summer came with everything closed. The solution is end the shutdown to save the City. Precautions masks distancing could be maintained but what we have now has to end

    16. Tim says:

      These are not protests, they are RIOTS. Why are some people and the MSM so scared to tell it like it is? Looting, arson, and overrunning precincts are not “protests”. Until the media starts reporting these situations accurately, the true protestors’ concerns will just get lost in the chaos.

    17. Rob G. says:

      Looting, riots, and burning buildings is not protesting. It is the work of some people taking advantage of a situation for their own gain and selfishness. Once again, the hard working tax payer and business owner pays the price for the weakness and radical-coddling of our leadership. Our Mayor and City Council has been clamoring to tie the hands of the NYPD and chase the middle and upper middle class out of the city from day 1 and they are finally getting their wish.

    18. Dom says:

      Second Covid wave, here we come.

    19. Joyce Zelcer says:

      Is there a list of all UW business’s that have been vandalized and looted? There should be.
      OPTYXX Optical on Broadway & 87th was broken into last night and I see nothing which mentions that ( Using it as an example because I live right near there!

    20. Rob says:

      Further evidence that we are now living in a police state with little regard for civil rights. Anyone want to buy a coop in the West 70’s at a steep discount?