As Demand Soars, City Will Give Out Masks At More Locations

Photo by Pamela Drew.

Lines for free masks stretched across Central Park this weekend, showing there’s high demand. Now the city is expanding the locations for mask distribution. Officials will be giving out masks everywhere they give out meals — which were initially just for students but are now being given out to everyone. Masks are crucial to fight the spread. Even if they’re not hospital-grade, they can slow the spread considerably.

The locations are open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

The list of distribution locations can be found here and we’ve posted screenshots of the locations in School District 3 below (click to enlarge):

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    1. Evan Halperin says:

      They could also hand them out to people as they go down into the SUbway, if you don’t have them. They should offer smaller sized masks for kids as well.

      • mkmuws says:

        The subway is for essential workers, who should already have them. Not to say they don’t deserve more if they need them. Essential businesses are supposed to be supplying them to workers, think they can be reported if not.

    2. KGersh says:

      Any idea on the dates and hours when distribution at these sites will happen? I haven’t been able to find details.

    3. Lonnie says:

      Went to two locations, PS 9 and PS 163. Neither had face coverings.

    4. Louis Grassi says:

      This morning I walked more than a mile to the W 105th location (Bloomingdale School) to get a mask. They told me they heard something about it, but no one had given them any masks.
      Please fact check and verify before you send seniors on risky wild goose chases.
      You gave no start date, so it was reasonable to assume that it was happening now.

      • JL says:

        Use a bandana or cut up a old T-shirt to tie you over. The free mask are not much better. It is used to limit your own spray in consideration of others around you closer than 6′.

    5. UWS homebody now says:

      No masks this morn at High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice, 122 Amsterdam Ave (entrance on east-side of street, btw 65 & 66th). Though they were giving out sandwiches, etc, they said that someone must have ‘jumped the gun’ & the mask give-away program is not yet set up there as published . . .

      The silver lining is that I went to 311 and discovered future UWS mask giveaway dates (& hoping this is accurate):

    6. EVdB says:

      We should have vending machines to distribute masks (or sell them for a quarter or two).

    7. Bsdaitch says:

      No where in 70’s!

    8. Madison Clark says:

      Haven’t seen any masks given out anywhere on West Side…however I have seen a number of “vendors” now selling mask on tables on the corners…..hummmmm.