Tornado Warning Issued for Manhattan, Then Canceled (Because Things Couldn’t Get Weirder)

Photo by Steven Harmon.

Authorities issued a tornado warning on Tuesday afternoon for Manhattan and the Bronx.

“Heavy rainfall may hide this tornado. Do not wait to see or hear the tornado. TAKE COVER NOW!” the National Weather Service warned after 2 p.m.

A city bulletin was similarly adamant: “IMMEDIATELY go indoors and/or to the lowest flood of your building for shelter. Stay away from windows.”

The tornado warning was canceled around 3, but a severe thunderstorm watch is also in effect until 5 p.m. So stay inside (understanding you’re probably already inside).

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    1. Juan says:

      It’s a twister, Auntie Em!

      • Carlos says:

        You’re not in Kansas anymore – perhaps the great and powerful Oz can come in and save us from Coronavirus. Because the horrible and powerful Trump sure isn’t doing it.

    2. MB/UWSer says:

      So interesting.

      I was outside around 2:30, the sky got dark. I thought to get back to the apartment quickly. Heading home, I turned to look back at the dark sky and thought about a tornado – having no knowledge of any official warning.

    3. Cato says:

      Really? The city bulletin warned people to “IMMEDIATELY go indoors and/or to the lowest *FLOOD* of your building for shelter”?

      Either the City was anticipating a rain storm even bigger than it turned out, or the issuing City officials don’t have much confidence in the integrity of buildings’ substructure.

    4. HelenD says:

      OT, but just out of curiosity, was TJ’s closed today? This was the first day I didn’t see a line winding around 72nd Street.

    5. Young Sally says:

      We had crazy hail in Westchester – twice.

    6. Karina Moruzan says:

      I thought it was weird outside. I didn’t get an alert. Wow was it dark…

    7. Carol says:

      Anyone have information about the location of the tornado sighting that prompted the warning?

    8. Ann says:

      Why was there no alert on the phone? Did anyone who’s reading this get a Phone alert?

      • MB/UWSer says:

        Not me, and I was outside.

      • NYYgirl says:

        I had a phone alert from a weather app but couldn’t believe what I was seeing, until I got a second alert (phone also), this time from the CBS app which said pretty much the same thing. Kids were totally flipped.

    9. Carol says:

      Ok, sounds like it was never a tornado sighting, per se, but was a rotation in a storm capable of producing a tornado. I’m a southern girl from tornado/hurricane country, seems like we just barely met criteria for warning vs a watch. I’m accustomed to getting specifics when a warning is issued for exactly what prompted the issuance, so I was confused by this report.

    10. Marci says:

      I got a phone alert. And an email alert.

    11. Maria peralta says: