Happy Ending Alert: Found Dog has a New Name and Family

Archie on Friday night.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Remember this little guy? He’s the pup who was found last Saturday morning on West 70th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, wandering around without a collar or microchip. WSR tipster Melissa scooped him up and brought him to City Vet on West 72nd Street, then wrote to the Rag, urging us to post his picture in an attempt to find his owner.

On Sunday, City Vet contacted Woof Dog Rescue, NYC. They called Board Member Rhoda Glass and asked her to foster the little fellow, who she promptly named Archie. A visiting vet came to her West 73rd Street apartment and pronounced him healthy and no more than two years old. Archie got his shots and a microchip.

Meanwhile, no owner stepped forward. “The vet thinks he was dumped,” said Rhoda, who will turn 80 in a few weeks. “When he came he was very hyper and timid, as if he might have been yelled at or hit. Once you get to know him though, he will love you to death.”

That’s what happened when an Upper East Side couple came to meet Archie on Thursday night. “He loved them and they were totally smitten,” Rhoda said. They would have taken him right then, but she told them to think about it overnight while she checked their references, which were stellar. They called back on Friday morning and said they were sure Archie would fit perfectly into their home and life.

Archie will be neutered next week, then go home with his new family. He will probably never forget his adventures and protectors on the Upper West Side.

Archie and Rhoda Glass.

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    1. DogOwningNeighbor says:

      I am so happy that this little guy is finally on his way to a good home with people who will love him.

      That being said, I would love to know who the owner is because they deserve to get shamed.

      What kind of POS abandons a pup like this when there are so many avenues to find it a good home. Pathetic. This makes me so mad.

    2. Diane Gurien says:

      I was so relieved to read this….in our current parlous world, where every day we read more and more horrifying news from Washington (and abroad), this was a much-needed bright spot. Thanks to all the kind people who thought to save and nurture Archie; and, especially, to his new ‘parents’. Yes, Virginia, there are some very good people in the world!

    3. lynn says:

      Thank you so much for the updates! Thrilled to hear that Archie has found a new family. He is one very lucky dog, to have been found and rescued and then fostered in such a timely manner. Kudos to everyone involved!

    4. HelenD says:

      Absolutely delighted that this little guy has found a new home! TY for the update WSR. 🙂

    5. Wowsers says:

      Wow, I’m so happy to hear little Archie found his loving forever home. Thank you for giving up this wonderful news.

    6. B flat says:

      Would the owner have even known to read wsr, or contact city vet? More likely to contact the city shelters, no? Lots of assumptions being made here, the pup is in good health. It’s a cutie, so may even have been snatched/shrugs

    7. Nsncy D says:

      What a sweetie. Glad there were ppeople who could love him and give him a home. Best to all and thank you to the vets who cared to keep him safe until he could find a place where he would call his.

    8. Rita says:

      Thanks for the update. So very happy to hear that this dog will have a happily ever after.

    9. Barb says:

      OMG, thanks so much for posting this, seriously there was no day that went by that I did not think of this dog. Sad to see someone really abandoned him, but super psyched that someone adopted him and he has a good home now. Puh.

    10. Judith says:

      What a fabulous story!!! Thank God he found his way to a reputable rescue group and all’s well that ends well!

    11. Louise says:

      I realize it is infinitely more complicated, but wouldn’t it be nice if we treated “abandoned” or “lost” humans we find in our neighborhoods with as much care and concern?

    12. Sara Petitt says:

      Fantastic. If I didn’t already have two rescues I would have grabbed him up!

    13. Tania Isenstein says:

      Way to go Rhoda!!!

    14. AGNES de Saint-Ferréol says:

      Signe: une francaise amoureuse de NY

    15. Lorene says:

      Little Archie finally lucked out 🙂

    16. Archie,

      Looking forward to meeting you.We can walk and run on the beach, bay or in our huge Dog Park. I’m also a rescue.



    17. MARGARET GOWOREK says:

      I’m happy for the dog to be with nice people and have a good home, but at the same time I frustrated, that this dog didn’t end up with previous owners. I was crazy weekend, Marathon and thousands of people on West Side.
      I had hard time to walk my small dog around that area, and end up caring him in my arms, like a baby for his safety. I’m sure the dog was lost and not abandon. The very, very sad story is fact, that in situation of lost pets, we DO NOT have a system to find our pets. We have no nr.to call, no place to go to ask. I feel very upset with City Vet on West 72 St. It was no picture on the window, I went inside and I was told that they don’t know about this dog. I, or someone else could foster and we could have more time to find the owner.

      • lynn says:

        I realize that not everyone uses apps, but FindShadow is an excellent app for finding lost dogs, and there are other apps available as well. I have always had small dogs, and completely understand how you feel about this, but I’m looking at the app right now and “Archie’s” photo is on the main page. It would be up to the owner to search for their dog and respond to the person who posted it. The owner also could have posted that they were missing their dog. Maybe the vet didn’t put up a photo, but so far there’s no sign that the owner made any efforts to find their dog either. I haven’t seen ANY ‘lost dog,’ posters around the neighborhood. 🙁