Robbers Bust into Couple’s Bedroom, Steal Labrador and Playstation, Report Says

A bizarre robbery took place on 83rd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues on Friday morning, police told 1010 WINS.

“The victims’ mothers says her 21-year-old son and girlfriend woke to the two semi-masked men over the bed, and demanded money.

Police say the victim suffered facial injuries after attempting to fight the robbers.”

The two men took an ATM card, a PlayStation and the couple’s Chocolate Labrador, according to 1010 WINS. The mother said the door was locked so she’s not sure how the robbers got in. The dog and Playstation were found nearby afterwards, and the two men used the ATM card to steal $500, the radio station reported. The crime occurred one block from where the 20th precinct is located.

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    1. ben says:

      Not the dog!!!

    2. Zanarkand says:

      ATM card to steal $500? Did they know the pin or did they buy something with it for $500? ATM cards are pretty secured unless the victims told them the pin. Probably mute point but just curious.

      Sad too…all the for $500? If only the robbers REALLY applied themselves in life the way they applied themselves to commit that home-invasion, they could have been productive members of society.

    3. UWSHebrew says:

      Everything is ok! The stats say crime is low! Stop being dramatic, it’s just a harmless break-in! Nobody was killed, so that’s a plus!

      • Eastsidewestside says:

        A harmless break in? Everything is ok? The dude suffered facial injuries after two people broke in to his HOME and assaulted him. What article did you read?

        • Trebron says:

          Shouldn’t be that difficult to spot cynicism, no?

        • Ed says:

          UWSHebrew is being sarcastic – obviously. In spite of that, this robbery does not mean that crime stats are not low.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Stop defaming the stats! All hail the stats! All hail DeBlasio and his great leadership!

          • Ed says:

            UWSHebrew brought up the statistics. If you believe the statistics, crime is low. It happens, which is bad and unfortunate, and no victims will take solace in statistics, so if you have sympathy for the victims, why bring up statistics? Also, I’d like to see how DeBlasio is responsible for this particular one.

        • JSL says:

          Pretty sure they are being sarcastic, friend…

    4. Joe Black says:

      Dognapping used to be a lucrative crime back in the day. Maybe it’s making a comeback?
      How’d they get in the apartment? No chain on the door? How’d they access the bank account? Did they beat the code out of the guy? So many unanswered questions!

    5. UWS_lifer says:

      Guarantee this wasn’t random. There is much more to the story here. Probably an inside job of some sort. Something personal…otherwise, why take the dog and destroy the Playstation?? And no forced entry? Hmmm.

      I would talk to the girlfriend’s former boyfriend or something along those lines. Maybe the son has got some enemies? Just speculating obviously. Lots to investigate here. I hope they keep us posted.

      On another note, that block has been kinda sketchy lately, despite having a school and a post office. Remember they just busted that coke dealer on that block last year. And the guy that attempted to attack that woman (82nd and CPW I think) a few months ago was living on that block in one of those halfway house buildings.

      Just sayin. Be careful out there folks. Even though it’s safer than ever, it’s still NYC.

    6. UWS 83 says:

      Has the owner of this property Rev. Carla Guzman, asked Shinda Management and its super to review the video surveillance cameras. It is a Fob key building.

      • NYWoman says:

        Thanks for the information – There were two incidents on this street this week alone – a stabbing and a home invasion – I believe the same block – the stabbing taking place in the homeless shelter on that block. I used to see at least one police officer in front of that building when I lived there.

    7. jimbo says:

      I smell a rat.

    8. Brenda says:

      This is a very strange crime.

    9. UWS guy says:

      There are only two ways the thieves knew the code: They are friends of the boyfriend who gave them the code and left the door open after his girlfriend had locked it and gone to bed. They then took the dog and playstation to make it look like a generic break-in, OR, less likely,

      One of the thieves had observed the card owner making a withdrawal and surreptitiously watched as he/she keyed in the code, and then followed them home, broke in aiming for the card, but took the dog and playstation as a diversion. OR, quite likely,

      This writer has an overactive imagination.

      • EricaC says:

        What do you think the writers made up? It looks like a fairly straightforward recitation of facts.

        I do think the efforts to drum up hysteria are unfounded and unhelpful – but it was a crime, and appears to have involved physical harm and a home invasion. Whatever the stats, this is a bad thing (to put it mildly)

        I am not sure whether the “code” you are referring to is the one that opens the front door (in the security world, one of the biggest ways those are overcome is by people politely letting the people behind them enter the building because the awkwardness of saying no is too strong), or the code to the card (which the robbers reportedly coerced the owner to divulge).

        So, where’s the imagination?

    10. Lynn Kurland says:

      I wish West Side Rag would prohibit comments. Most of them are so meanspirited, nasty and serve no purpose.

      • Steen says:

        Completely agree with you! Please WSR, go back to no comments. Some people on here love to use anonymity to be absolutely nasty and callous to their fellow citizens.

        • lynn says:

          I have received a lot of great advice and recommendations over the years from other people in this forum. If someone is being nasty then you can either voice your own opinion or just ignore them. OR you could read the story and skip the comments section altogether. No need to take it away from the rest of us. 🙁