Rumormill: Guys With ‘Chick-Fil-A File Folders’ Scout Out Former Drugstore

Photo inside a Chick Fil A by young shanahan.

Drugstores are closing throughout the neighborhood, raising concerns that the Upper West Side may end up with even more vacant storefronts. But this week, a tipster saw a group of people scouting out one of the empty spots.

Heather Broderick wrote to West Side Rag that she saw “guys with Chick fil A file folders scoping out the old Walgreens space on Broadway and 97th.” That Walgreens closed earlier this year.

Chick fil A has been expanding quickly in New York City recently, after initially facing some pushback in the city over the owners’ political views. “One of the Manhattan locations estimates that it sells a sandwich every six seconds, and the company has announced plans to open as many as a dozen more storefronts in the city,” the New Yorker reported last year.

In a statement to West Side Rag, the company said: “Chick-fil-A does not have any locations to confirm on the Upper West Side at this time.”

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    1. Ququi says:

      You mean this ultra-conservative, anti-LGBTQ junk food conglomerate wants to set up shop on the UWS- the bastion of left-wing liberalism? Ha!

    2. Chick-Full-Of-Hate says:

      Heather Broderick should have knocked the folders out of their hands and ran. That homophobic company needs to know it’s not welcome here. And if by some nightmare they do open up here, people should protest.

      • Bill Williams says:

        They are welcome here. What’s not welcome is your juvenile woke politics. We value diversity and that means opinions that are different than our own.

        • Chick-Full-Of-Hate says:

          It’s juvenile to be against hatred?! And you say you value diversity yet you support a company that doesn’t?! Ok, Boomer.

          • robert says:

            So what would you classify it as?
            If you don’t support their right to believe what they do, why would you think they should believe what o. How about trying to have a civil conversation and try and get someone or group to see things differently?

          • robert says:

            So what else would you call it? Encouraging others to jump up and down while yelling and screaming will do nothing. How do you expect someone to respect your views if you are not at least able to listen to theirs. They live their life and you can do so with yours. That’s what makes America great, that we can all have differing opinions and/or lifestyles.

            Oh no…. I said America is great, pls accept my humble apologies I very sorry if that comment triggered anyone. (For those that didn’t get it this is called sarcasm)

          • SenioRita says:

            I would also be unhappy to see Chik-Fil-A on the UWS (or a Hobby Lobby,for that matter) and would certainly not be a customer for their deep-fried soul(less)junk. But please cut the “Ok, Boomer” crap, Chickie. It was funny for about ten minutes; it has lost any effectiveness it ever had. All it does is demonstrate a mind too lazy to express its owner’s anger in a coherent sentence. And you’re too smart for that, aren’t you?

        • Stay in the South says:

          You’ve got an unreasonable strong stomach if you can swallow their exclusionary tripe along with your chicken. There’s no excuse for being anti-gay in 2019. Gross.

          • Jay says:

            I think you should read up a bit more of the circumstances that make you call it “anti-gay” and compare it to dozens of other companies already present on the UWS.

            • Reader says:

              Thanks, but I very much have. Chick-Fil-A stands out as the most unapologetically anti-gay chain of any in NYC. I suggest you study up as well.

        • Kevin says:

          Ok boomer

        • David Morris says:

          Since when is homophobia diversity? I wonder what your gay friends think of you.

        • Tim says:

          Well put Bill. Some people spew hate and vitriol when someone doesn’t agree with their lifestyle, etc. UWS should be known for being fully diversified.

        • james says:

          so to you diversity means including those who are against diversity. I see.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Why do you think it’s ok to use physical violence to express your opinions? Newsflash: IT’S NOT OK. If you practice what you preach, you’ll see what happens.

      • robert says:

        If you hit anyone it can be considered an assault with the 24 having foot details up and down B’way they will grab you up before you get 1 block. May that would get you to follow the old adage words not fists

      • Andy says:

        Please be specific with your evidence that they are anti-gay. I am not sure your claims are true.

        • Thanks says:

          It isn’t my job to do intellectual labor for others. A simple Google search will educate you.

        • Tim says:

          I agree Andy. Haters and snowflakes expect open-minded people to search out the “truth” about Chick-Fil-A’s supposed bigotry. If it were conclusive, you’d think someone would provide a link.

      • MAD says:

        You don’t need to eat there. And you don’t need to criticize those who do. Didn’t liberals used to have open minds, open to discussing other ideas and points of view. Just walk on by.

      • Tostonesfix says:

        They are welcome as far as I am concerned.

    3. robert says:

      While I’m sure our local self appointed “community leaders” and some of our local elected will yell, march, petition, threaten boycotts/suits etc., this would be great for the UWS. Their food is great and at a reasonable price. Go by their locations in mid town sometime, they are packed

      • Chick-Full-Of-Hate says:

        There’s more to whether a business belongs then whether the “food is great and at a reasonable price.” If you don’t understand that then you don’t belong here nearly as much as Chick-Fil-A doesn’t.

        • robert says:

          Sorry but I HAVE been here 54 years and will remain I thought that the Socialist’s ideal was to be accepting of all view points. Oh that’s right, that only applies if you have drunk the kook-aid.
          If you bother to actually look beyond the self appointed community leaders talking points you would know better. One of the companies is a Christian that follows their beliefs. It has never caused a problem with the staff they employ and/or patrons they serve. There have long given money to support LBGT causes as well as many others. When the hurricanes hit parts of the US and PR they flew food and people there before FEMA got set up. Didn’t hear any complainats about that, also not much coverage in the media. That was to fold, it didn’t fit the media hype about the company and as the owners have said its a belief that’s its our responsibility to give back to help those in need – period. This was not done as a photo op
          Don’t believe me???? Just as an example take a look at the New Yorker article linked in the WSR article

        • Bill Williams says:

          Seems you have a lot to say about this. Interesting you hide behind a screen handle.

        • Richard Haddson says:

          Did you really just tell this gentleman he doesn’t belong in NYC because he wants a chicken sandwich sold by a company with religious convictions that don’t jive with yours? I’m not going to eat there but they have every right to open a private enterprise in private property. And you have every right to take time off form work and protest.

        • Richard Haddson says:

          To put a finer point on it, you sound like Trump.

          • Debbie says:

            That’s the worst insult you could ever give anyone!
            Trump is despicable….figures he loves Chick Fil A.

      • Paul on W 67th says:

        I have to disagree that their ‘food is great’. I’ll admit I tried them only once, about 20 years ago on a business trip to Atlanta, but I thought their highly vaunted chicken sandwich to be awful. The waffle fries people rave about were so heavily salted as to be inedible. Half the meal went directly into the trash.

        Given their politics, I’d never eat there again, but given the quality of the food, it wasn’t a difficult choice to make.

    4. Sherman says:

      It’s unfortunate Chick Fil A is a privately owned company. I’d love to buy their stock as their restaurants are always packed.

      They’ll be a welcome addition to the UWS.

      • Chick-Full-Of-Hate says:

        You would welcome them because money?! Shame. Where are your morals?!

        • UWSHebrew says:

          You’re a militant millennial. Nobody is paying attention to you here, try Union Square.

          • Whatever Language says:

            No one has paid attention to YOU here for a very long time. Your glee at inciting infighting used to be disturbing, but now it’s just boring.

      • Pat says:

        I have been saying the exact same thing for years. Strangely, when I say it, people tend to respond that I should consider trying to become a franchisee. I feel like screaming, “I do not want a store. I just want some stock!”

    5. Tolerant Chicken Eater says:

      Hallelujah! Good chicken, good price, and they really do treat their employees well — they are pretty much the Trader Joe’s of fast poultry. It is the only fast food my Jewish mother will eat. The only problem will be finding somewhere else to eat on Sundays!

      A note to the grinches calling Chik Fil A haters for holding bog-standard religious beliefs that were all but universal until yesterday, I invite you to consider that if you’ve ever eaten at a soul food or Latin restaurant you’re highly likely to have been supporting folks with social views at least as traditionalistic.

      That empty Walgreens is an embarrassing scar on the neighborhood benefiting no one, and it’s hard in this day and age to figure out what could fill that big space. I can’t imagine a more suitable replacement, the only problem is it would probably put the Texas Rotisserie across the street out of business. (Better not ask them about their social views!)

    6. Howard Freeman says:

      There was infinitesimal “pushback.” My office was three blocks from the first one at 36th (?) and Sixth. It broke all sales records, had lines around the block for six or more weeks, and on the first day there were maybe eight protesters: six against CFA and two protesting the protestors. I was there.

      There was overwhelming support daily.

    7. Zanarkand says:

      The man makes a mean bird. If you don’t agree with his politics, that’s fine, don’t eat there. I for one keep food and personal politics separate. Tht honey mustard is liquid gold. He has his own personal beliefs but those beliefs so far have not gone into his hiring practices. I see a very diverse employee field when I’ve been to the restaurants. Welcome to neighborhood…hopefully.

    8. Gattara says:

      I dislike the empty storefronts as much as the next guy, but is it better that Broadway in the 90s is lined with fast food joints? We could use a bakery or a cafe to replace pain quotidian would be nice.or a real restaurant.

    9. UWS_lifer says:

      Is it possible that my “Fried Chicken District” idea is coming to fruition?!?

      We were all so excited for Popeye’s when it was announced, I remember the spirited conversations well. I was kidding about it but maybe we will speak it into existence.:)

      Let the chicken free market decide…that’s what I say. And for those of you that don’t want to support Chick-fil-A, don’t. We all have fried chicken freewill, nobody is gonna make you. Live and let live.

      • Honest Abe says:

        It would be great if we could get Charles Fried Chicken back in the neighborhood. Because, it’s actually good fried chicken.

        • geoff says:

          when was he ever in the neighborhood? he began up around 145th street and them moved to around 132nd street and frederick douglass boulevard. please share what you know, i’m curious.

    10. GrumpyOldMan says:

      How many liberal, UWS white men and women have patronized the Popeyes not so very far from the rumored Chick-fil-A venue? Not for nothing, the chicken sandwich at Popeyes is superior to that of its competition. And the answer to my question: damn few!!! What does that say about the UWS being a paragon of social justice and a liberal ethos?

      • Jay says:

        It will be a sad day for our neighborhood if we let this thrive. Especially with the far superior Popeye’s right down the block!

        • 57 years in the west nineties and 100s says:

          I have never eaten at any of these fast food chicken places. More delicious and healthier to eat at home especially since citarella delivers and we have zabars and the farmers’ markets nearby. However, putting aside my taste, I am available to picket any nasty, right wing, discriminatory company with a lousy human rights, labor record. Such firms do not belong in our ‘hood. Tell them to go make money in the Red heartland which needs food and doesn’t mind their corporate values. Thanks very much

    11. Joe Black says:

      As a bona fide liberal on the UWS I abhor their politics but their chicken is superb. Maybe I need to become a vegan so I can stay away.

    12. Christina says:

      We have Chirping Chicken and now Popeyes! Do we seriously need another fast food chain chicken place?!

    13. Scott says:

      It seems clear why all these drugstores are closing. Every time I look up the 24th precinct is posting pics of criminal gangs shoplifting high-ticket health & beauty items. I can’t even grab a 6-pack at Walgreen’s easily because the case is locked. Sad that our neighborhood is this way.

      • Backtothe80s says:

        Same on the 20th precinct area where “petit larceny” is up 16% year to date and awful 50% up compared to 9 years ago – yes people, just check out the statistics posted on the precinct’s website. No ifs or buts, just data – shoplifting account for many of those 1300+ cases, I am sure. No wonder retail keeps closing in this neighborhood. Police must work closer with the community before its much worse (instead of 50% increase vs 2010, should we wait until what, 100%?)

        • B.B. says:

          What do you expect? District attorneys who won’t prosecute, judges who won’t sentence anything more than community service, conditional discharge or dismiss cases out right.

          Oh an now apparently NYPD lectures stores such as Duane Reade that they experience shoplifting because of being “attractive targets”.

          People can commit petty larceny all they want nowadays, there aren’t any serious consequences or repercussions.

          And if you think it is bad now, just wait until BdeB and city council close Rikers and move to local borough lock-ups.

          Those local jails are by design going to be small. This will put a natural limit on numbers held on bail, sentenced or otherwise influence population counts.

        • EGor says:

          Walgreens is closing stores because of the merger. It has nothing to do with crime waves. Imaginary or otherwise.

    14. llh says:

      Hypocritical closed-minded bigot thy name is Leftist.

    15. MAGA 2020 says:

      Accusing Chick-Fil-a of being a hate monger is FAKE NEWS. They made charitable donations n to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The Christian Athletes organization believes that marriage is between a man and a woman – something that is in the Bible. So all the Chick Fil-a haters are just hypocritical, intolerant religious persecutors. Stand down virtue signalers and enjoy a nice chicken sandwich like the rest of us.

      • Derek Johnson says:

        Could not agree more!!! The Christian Athletes are all about love – not hate. If you use the same logic as the chick haters, then almost every Chruch, Synagogue and islamic center on the planet can be defined as hate. Message to the haters: God is love! Isaiah 5:20
        20 It is bad for those who call what is sinful good, and good sinful, who say dark is light and light is dark, who make bitter sweet, and sweet bitter!

    16. adami says:

      there’s a big difference between supporting a local merchant who’s political POV might be more conservative than yours and putting money into a company that actively funnels their profits into anti LGBT groups. We all have to draw a line somewhere. This one’s not so hard. Especially with Popeye’s down the street!

    17. Michael G says:

      To sum up the conversation:
      *WSR: “Chick fil A. Y’know?”

      *Libs: “Can’t believe these bigots are coming here!”

      *Crazies: “Don’t be so closed-minded. Public support for hate is old school and normal and might be fun if you just give it a chance!”

      *UWS Foodies: “Aren’t there already 85 places to get fried chicken around here? And aren’t some of them locally owned small businesses?”

      • Rorschach says:

        You forgot the one sane guy trying to point out how Chick-Fil-A isn’t bigoted and the LGBTQA+ people who work there get attacked as traitors just for trying to get a good job by the very people trying to defend them.
        But who wants sanity when you’ve got Fox and CNN, yelling really loud is so much more appealing when everyone is only half listening.

    18. B flat says:


    19. dc says:

      We need more vegan places.

    20. NotAChance says:

      The food in the photo looks disgusting.

    21. Pedestrian says:

      Homophobic and anti woman! This is not a good thing,

    22. David Morris says:

      I can only hope that enough of the old UWS is left to make it clear that Chik-Fil-A is not wanted and won’t be patronized.

    23. Kerncerned says:

      From The New Yorker, April 13, 2018;
      “Its headquarters, in Atlanta, are adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. Its stores close on Sundays. Its C.E.O., Dan Cathy, has been accused of bigotry for using the company’s charitable wing to fund anti-gay causes, including groups that oppose same-sex marriage. “We’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation,” he once said, “when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’ ” The company has since reaffirmed its intention to “treat every person with honor, dignity and respect,” but it has quietly continued to donate to anti-L.G.B.T. groups.”

    24. Janet W. says:

      Listen to their opinions? Be more open-minded? Encourage more diversity of thinking? That’s like telling me to listen to the opinions of an Alt-Right Nazi who wants to kill me and my fellow Jews, my African-American, gay, and immigrant friends and neighbors. How utterly moronic can you be? Unless, of course, you secretly agree with THEIR opinions. Hmm?

      • Tim says:

        This epitomizes most people’s hatred perfectly.

        Agree with my beliefs and lifestyle, or YOU are moronic and filled with hate.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Can’t compare a group that wants to expel or murder certain kinds of people to a group that does not espouse those goals towards other kinds of people. That is hysterical reaching, Janet.

        • Sarah says:

          No. UWSHebrew, you’re not getting away with this one. I’m gay and Jewish, and just as likely to be killed or attacked for either of those identities. You are patently unqualified to comment on the experience of an identity that is not your own. I’m sick of you poisoning this board by acting as though Jews are actively persecuted at every turn, to the exclusion of every other group. It’s false, and you know it. You have some serious blinders on. No one comes to WSR to read your vitriol. The world is more complex than you make it out to be. You give Jews a bad name.

    25. Drew says:

      You know what folks. If you have a problem with the brand, don’t buy it!
      Don’t stop people from opening or closing stores. Next you’ll be saying what kind of people can move to the west side. You must show your voters registration card and declare what party you vote for otherwise you can’t get a lease to live on the upper west side.
      Get a life.

    26. SC says:

      chick full of hate. you are aggressive and hateful. fila is only a rod that brings out your hatred. People have a right to be different. You don’t dictate that whether we / you like them or not.

    27. Mark uws says:

      The so-called tolerant left are the most intolerant people in the world. You must believe EXACTLY as they do on EVERY matter or you’re the devil. No debating in a civil manner, no room for any differing opinion on any matter or you’re damned. Sure sounds like fascism to me.

    28. My own thoughts says:

      The food is crap. Politics aside.

    29. Iris says:

      Crappy food made by a terrible company. Not needed up here.

    30. Sean says:

      The lease is up for Apthorp Pharmacy at its’ current location. It is moving one block south next to the AT&T Store in March 2020. The move was supposed to be in January.

    31. C says:

      Chickfila hate you are a hypocrite. You are promoting so much hate yet criticize others for hate. The chickfila family promotes love and God’s grace, which you are so welcome to receive. Open your mind and heart to the truth.

      • Citation pls says:

        Ever tried this thing called critical thinking? Rehashing vagus biblespeak is as far from it as one can get. Side note: explain how Chick-Fil-A “promotes love,” and I will eat a dozen bricks while riding a unicycle backwards through the snow.

    32. John says:

      Hope they open one in the West 60’S . Don’t mix politics with your food