Dog Found at 70th Street and Amsterdam Avenue

A small, male dog was found at Amsterdam Avenue and 70th Street this morning, and brought to City Vet, on 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue, by WSR tipster, Melissa. She sent the following email:

I found a Male dog with no collar this morning at Amsterdam & 70st.
Scared sweet pup needs to find his owner.
He has no microchip.
He is being cared for at City Vet on 72nd st.
Please post on WSR to help find his owner.
Thank you!!!

Thank you, Melissa!

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    1. lynn says:

      There is an amazing app called FindShadow where you can post this dog’s pic and everyone in the area with the app will get a notification that he’s on the missing list. I’ve been following it for a couple of years and they do a good job of reconnecting pets with their owners. Good to know that City Vet will take in lost pets. I lived on the UES for years and could only find one vet that would do this and he has since retired.

    2. Katie says:

      Not that this helps at all but I saw this dog (or the spitting image of it) with it’s owners yesterday walking across Central Park and 70th street. They have 2 dogs and I noticed this dog because it was interested in our dog and they had a moment together. Poor little guy, I hope they find the owners!

    3. jezbel says:

      Somebody please post if this poor pup has found his family…
      I’ve been posting on Twitter and it’s been retweeted many times, but no one seems to come forward. Could it be this little guy was dumped?
      How sad for him.

    4. SPZ says:

      Does he answer to the name “chewy” I’ve seen this dog too around the museum of natural history with female owner….. at least he looks just like chewy

    5. Robin says:

      One would think that if your dog is lost, you’d be checking social media and the Vets, etc. Unless the owner suddenly became ill and the dog escaped, sounds like he was abandoned for whatever reason.
      If that’s the case, I’m sure with all of the resources available, he’ll be able to find a new loving home.
      Thanks to all of you for being so caring and proactive rescuing and providing him with a safe place.

    6. Barb says:

      I did see this dog too in Central Park. And the owner had another dog too, same size. The dog caught my eye because he looked so unusual and cool. I can’t remember what the other dog was, but I think the owner was man in his 30’s or so, if I remember him correctly.

    7. Robin says:

      I want to add a plug for the importance of microchipping your pet.

    8. Jennifer says:

      Post the picture on next door—- so many dogs have been reunited that way!

    9. Amy R. says:

      Thanks to Carol T. for swiftly posting her report about this sweet lost dog, and also to Melissa for stepping in to make follow-up inquiries about his well-being. I’m glad and relieved to hear that City Vet quickly took in this pup, and that he is now in the care of Woof Rescue. Are efforts continuing to find his owner? or is he now up for adoption? I’m among the many Upper West Siders who are concerned, and would appreciate further updates here in the great West Side Rag and elsewhere on social media so that everything possible can be done to help.

    10. Elana says:

      Maybe it belonged to an older person in lincoln towers. Dog looks very clean. I hope the rescue group will try and find the owner and i wonder if anyone asked the other vet in this area.

    11. Celeste Ruggeri says:

      Any update on this poor baby?

      • helen says:

        It’s disturbing that almost a week has gone by and we haven’t seen any activity to show that the owner is searching for this dog. I’m just happy that he’s inside today! WSR please keep us updated. 🙂