Morning Bulletin: Disney Properties Sold Again, Councilman’s Possible Conflicts, Nordstrom’s Enormity, Knitting’s Big Moment

Photo by Janice Benner at Central Park’s Conservatory Garden on Saturday.

November 4, 2019 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 56 degrees.

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The Children’s Museum of Manhattan honored filmmaker and author Crystal McCrary and Citigroup Vice Chairman Raymond J. McGuire with the Laurie M. Tisch Award last week for their commitment to the arts.

Silverstein Properties, which acquired several properties owned by Disney in the West 60s last year for $1.15 billion, is starting to sell them off. “Taconic Investment Partners and Nuveen Real Estate have partnered on the acquisition of two of the former ABC Television Studio portfolio buildings on the Upper West Side. The two just confirmed they paid $230 million for 320 West 66th Street, a 100,000 s/f property where the show Dr Oz is recorded; and at 125 West End Avenue, a nearly 500,000 s/f building originally constructed as an automobile facility. The partners plan to redevelop the properties to create top line office space.”

The new Nordstrom on 57th is huge, so huge it beguiled Carole Zabar. “Carole Zabar, whose family owns the famed Upper West Side grocery chain, also appeared unnerved by the amount of space she had to cover just to find a winter coat. ‘This is New York,’ Zabar said. ‘We don’t like acres and acres of things. We want stuff that’s curated. This is very pretty but to me, it’s a little overwhelming and big. It’s spacious, but to what end? My mind just swims.'”

Councilman Mark Levine, who represents the UWS and other areas, did not document with NYC’s Conflict of Interest Board rental income he received from a condo he owns with his wife, the Post found. COIB is also  looking into the matter. A spokesman for Levine said it was an oversight and has been corrected. The Post also reported that Levine is getting a tax break he shouldn’t be getting through the condo, but his spokesman said that he’s been trying to remedy it for years and will pay any back taxes.

A group of dog owners who play in Riverside Park held a festival and fundraiser this weekend. “The Riverside Park Dog Owner Group hosted its first D.O.G. Fest Sunday, November 3rd. The fun filled day included agility training, nosework, puppy parkour, dog yoga, and lots of games. While the event is free there were classes and competions offered for a fee and proceeds from activities will go towards supporting the nearby dog run.”

Knitting is having a moment,” led by shops like the Upper West Side’s Knitty City, which has become a gathering spot as much as a store. “The success of Knitty City, located on New York’s Upper West Side, even surprised its owner. ‘When I first opened the shop, I thought people would come in, buy their yarn, and leave. But that’s not the case,’ Chin says. ‘What people wanted to do was find a community of knitters. Feel and touch the yarn. And they want to ask people for opinions.’ The strong sense of community is why the shop continues to grow in popularity.”

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    1. observer says:

      Ms. Zabar said about the new Nordstrom’s, ” It’s spacious,… My mind just swims.’”

      If so, be sure it wears a nice swim suit. Nordstrom’s probably has a good assortment.

      Also, judging by how jam-packed that store was on Saturday (NYC Marathron-er families?), it may surpass Macy’s 34th St. as a must-see tourist attraction, esp. for members of the “Aspirational class”, i.e. “I bought this in NEW YORK, at NORDSTROM’S!”

    2. Kaz says:

      Speaking of Nordstrom, does anyone have any recommendations for where to buy a good quality, affordable winter coat in the area?

      • Trish says:

        TJ Maxx usually has some good sales on coats!

      • Vince says:

        Century 21, Bloomingdale outlet and Final sale 260.

      • Good quality and affordable. Maybe the two are not compatible? It’s like people who say ‘I want to invest my money in something with low risk and high return’. Sure. If you want good quality get Canada Goose or Moncler. If you want affordable I’m sure Macy’s can do affordable. Might be chilly tho. Alright, maybe you can find something in the North Face store.

        • Kaz says:

          Thanks for the suggestions, all! And Denton, not opposed to spending money to be warm. Just thought I’d throw “affordable” in there to make it clear I’m not looking for Canada Goose-tier stuff.

          • Marci says:

            Kaz, you would have to travel out of the UWS, but my coats from UNIQLO keep me warm and toasty! And if you get them on a sale, they’re great buys.

            • Kaz says:

              I worship at the altar of Uniqlo but have never tried out their winter coats!! I will give it a whirl. Thank you!

            • JoanN says:

              I have a Uniqlo down jacket and matching vest. The zipper has broken on each of them at least two times. I’ve now paid almost half again as much to get them repaired as I paid for them in the first place. Finally gave up and replaced them with similar pieces from Patagonia. Yes, considerably more expensive. But no more broken zippers in the middle of an overseas trip.

        • south says:

          Good quality + affordable does not exist in New York. You’ll have to choose one or the other. Leaving NY is your best bet, you won’t have to think about coats if you move south. I’m leaving.

    3. Roxanne says:

      Is the new Nordstrom any bigger than Macy’s or Bloomies?

      • CAL says:

        Aren’t mega-stores over? Like even where they belong. In the malls. In the suburbs. Bricks and mortar in the City is so expensive. This will soon be a big empty space surrounded by scaffolding.

        Nordstrom online. Free shipping. Free returns. Need I say more?

        New York City was known for shopping in its unique boutiques. What happened?

    4. Sally Martell says:

      Kaz, I think that the Bloomingdales Outlet on Broadway and 72nd has a pretty good selection of winter coats.

    5. Wijmlet says:

      And, opposed to the feeling of Nordstrom, the feeling at the new UWS Shakespeare and Co. is of a cafe with a few books: NOT a bookstore.

      • MAD says:

        I agree. Very disappointing. And in the case of classic mysteries, you have to print out a copy if you want to buy it. The cafe is larger than the area with books. Not anything like the old Shakespeare & Co. Waste of space and time unless you want coffee.

    6. Marjorie says:

      Any home sewers out there? I don’t knit but I’d love a similar gathering of local sewers.

    7. anne says:

      Popularity is also enhanced by the thoughtfulness and helpfulness of those who work at Knitty City. It’s a total pleasure to go in, even to ask ‘silly’ questions there–because answers follow!

    8. Sherman says:

      It should be noted that Mark Levine has been a big advocate of strengthening rent regulation laws.

      I’m curious if he put his money where his mouth is and charged his tenant a below market rent (as he insists other landlords must do).

      Nobody likes a hypocrite.

    9. Johnny2020 says:

      Off topic but as a recently displaced (economics) just loved the picture accompanying this post. In Vermont now seeing this kind of social non verbal community, sharing a park bench is something to be appreciated. Thanks made me miss Manahattan.

    10. Marilyn says:

      A decent dept store finally opens in New York and all WSR does is print a gripe?!? WTF?
      Nordstrom is a fantastic store w excellent customer service and great sales.
      Ms. Zabar has the $ to shop anywhere – curated usually means expensive. It’s not cheese, honey. I wan the gamut of price points and styles.

    11. arlene fauser says:

      regarding any additional sales at the ABC Campus, nothing you wrote about is NEW NEWS…
      In addition, this is what everyone on the west side should focus on, the Developers crawl and super taels, not how crowded Nordstroms was !!!
      Are you aware The Extell Co. has stopped building on W.65th-66th. Reporters, try to find out the root of that ! Maybe it’s good news for the residents.