Dun Dun! Law & Order Filming at Former UWS Steakhouse

Law & Order took over the former Lincoln Square Steakhouse at 208 West 70th Street to film an episode on Monday, tipster Peter tells us.

The traditional Law & Order ended in 2010 after 20 seasons (though the reruns will run forever), but Law & Order SVU continues to film.

It’s not clear what the episode they’re filming is about, but we’re pretty sure the waiter did it. Did you hear his sketchy answer to the question about what soup the victim ordered?

The steakhouse closed in September, but we’ve heard that the owners have been planning another restaurant for the space. We’ll update readers when we hear what it is.

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    1. Deep Thought says:

      ANd they are filming on 68th between Broadway and AMsterdam tomorrow between 8 & 11am

    2. JET says:

      It’s now “Markeevious Rare Steakhouse”

    3. wombatNYC says:

      The plot of the episode most likely will be around : where restaurants go to die.
      That location is cursed