Photo of the Day: Even A 4:49 PM Sunset Can Be Spectacular

It’s depressing how early it gets dark these days, but a sunset is still a sunset, even it happens during what used to be called the afternoon.

Julie T. caught a great shot on Monday afternoon/evening showing the last reflections of the sun as it disappeared.

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    1. Suzy says:

      Interesting picture

    2. beautiful photo!thank you!

    3. Edith Tyson says:

      Lovely photo. And it was such a nice sunset. Can we post photos here? I took a snap from my window facing my west here on UWS. Not nearly as spectacular, but would It would be fun to share our different views.

    4. Maureen says:

      That is a gorgeous shot!

    5. Kathleen says:

      Very cool! Wondering how I missed this, as it’s taken from somewhere in my neighborhood. The sky is so beautiful, always new, always changing. Thanks for the photo!

    6. Lynn Stewart says:

      Beautiful sunset, love it, we get some awesome sunsets in the fall also in West Virginia! Awesome capture ❤️