Openings & Closings: Calle Ocho, Madewell, Sapphire, Eyelash Studio

Workers at the new Calle Ocho.

After closing on 81st Street, Latin restaurant Calle Ocho is now planning to open its new location at 2756 Broadway at 106th Street in “late fall”, according to an email sent to customers. The new spot will have an outdoor patio in the back, which will close at 10 on weeknights and 11 on weekends out of concerns for noise.

Women’s clothing store Madewell is opening on Thursday at 211-217 Columbus Avenue, near 70th Street. “The new shop on Columbus Ave. will feature Madewell’s signature denim, which includes classic styles, plus our latest Fall/Winter collection. To celebrate the opening, Madewell will also be hosting daily launch parties on 11/9 + 11/10 from 1 p.m.-4 p.m.” The parties will include food from Bonberi and other vendors and artists.

Indian restaurant Sapphire plans to open its new location at 2014 Broadway between 68th and 69th Streets the first week of November, according to the restaurant’s website. Sapphire was forced to move from its longtime home on 60th and Broadway because its building is being demolished.

A salon called Eyelash Studio is opening on Broadway between 97th and 98th. Thanks to Karen for the tip.

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    1. is says:

      Can’t wait for Calle Ocho and Madewell to open!!

    2. BillyNYC says:

      Calle Ocho is better off uptown. Their location on W. 81Street St. had many neighborhood restrictions and they should’ve never moved there. this is the type of restaurant that should be on a busy street.
      I hope they change their menu like it was on Columbus Avenue years back.

      • George says:

        They’ll be making some menu modifications, so it’ll be interesting to see what the new location brings in terms of offerings and prices. I thought it was a fantastic spot for brunch, and drinks (the mojitos were excellent) and appetizers. But I did not find their entrees to be particularly satisfying or worth the cost.

        There was nothing to like about them being in the hotel on 81st, but I was glad they were keeping close to their original spot on Columbus. And I do wish they had maintained they’re presence in the 80s with this move as well. But the cost and space must have really been worth it (and I’m sure they’re happy to be closer to Columbia). The only consolation for me right now is that we’ll soon be getting a new Spanish-Caribbean restaurant on Columbus between 84th and 85th (in the old Kefi space). It’s called Tasca, and they did an incredible job with the decor, so I’m really crossing my fingers that they nail the food and drinks.

        • BillyNYC says:

          George/More I think of their new location I believe they will be very successful they’re only blocks away from Columbia University in the area it’s a little bit more of the younger set which is basically their crowd but not too far from us in the 80s.
          I don’t know if you’ve been around back in the late 60s but I sure miss the Chinese/Cuban restaurants and Victors on W. 71st St./Columbus Avenue.
          Looking forward to trying out the new Spanish – Caribbean restaurant, it sounds very interesting.

          • CCL says:

            Victor’s was awesome. Went there all the time when lived up here back then. Mughlai was great as well as Museum Cafe. Whaaa.

          • LarryK says:

            Try Flor de Mayo on Broadway & 100th for Peruvian/Cuban/ Chinese food. I find their chinese food very good and have heard their other cuisines are good too. We plan on trying their Peruvian in November now that we’re back.

      • AC says:

        At Bill , , , several decades ago there was perhaps one of the best Mexican Restaurants in the UWS on 82nd and Amsterdam. They were hands down the best , , , Rancho’s. When they relocated uptown, they didn’t survive. Restaurants tend to have dedicated customers, it will be interesting to see if they can close for 3 months, relocate a mile North, and survive. Don’t expect the same staff , , , closing for this extensive amount of time gave staff no other choice but to look elsewhere.

    3. ben says:

      Any word on Gyu Kaku? Thought they were opening in early October and now it’s basically November and don’t think they are open yet?

    4. Glen says:

      Any idea what is going into the old Duane Reade space on Broadway between 83/84th Streets? Construction is taking place inside.

    5. L V says:

      That rear yard area is a total drag to all of the apartments that surround it. It does not even have a legal certificate of occupancy and this has been going on tenant after tenant. I give them two years at best before the creepy owner of the building chases them out. Worst tenants nightmare and the rats! Holy cow.

    6. Calle Ocho replaces West End Hall, the beer hall.

    7. Carol says:

      So happy to hear Sapphire will be opening at last. It’s such a terrific restaurant with excellent food and very nice service. Hurray!

    8. UWSmaven says:

      Are you sure Calle Ocho is at 106th and Bway? Pretty sure they’re at the former home of the West End at 114th Street!