Openings & Closings: Wu + Nussbaum, Starbucks, Bolton’s, Hiro Sushi, Sapphire’s Return

Wu + Nussbaum, the reincarnation of Nussbaum + Wu, has reopened on Broadway and 113th Street. “There are lines already,” writes Jennifer. As we expected, Chinese food appears to be getting a lot more attention in the new incarnation, with noodles, dumplings and Chinese dishes like Chicken with Broccoli ($14.95) getting top billing. Jewish deli food like bagels and nova remains on the menu too. There’s bubble tea too. You can see the menu here and here if you zoom in. The Columbia hotspot closed under confusing circumstances in 2018. Thanks to Nancy and Jennifer for the tips.

The Starbucks at 60th and Broadway is closing on July 22, as developers are preparing to knock the building down. Don’t worry, there are other Starbucks within three blocks in just about every direction. Thanks to Meredith for the tip.

Bolton’s clothing store on Broadway between 72nd and 73rd closed and emptied out quite suddenly. Thanks to Gretchen, Rita, Robin, Claudia and others for the tips.

Hiro Sushi on Freedom Place and 68th appears to have closed. It’s been dark for several days and isn’t taking phone calls. They just announced a new chef in 2017.

Indian restaurant Sapphire, which closed its location on 61st and Broadway last month,  has found a new spot — at 2012 Broadway between 68th and 69th Streets. It plans to open on September 1, 2019. Thanks to Sue for the tip.

Arts and Athletics, which offers enrichment classes to schoolkids, is coming to 577 Columbus Avenue at 88th Street, writes Trish.

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    1. eloise says:

      So thrilled Sapphire found a new location! That would’ve been such a sad loss for the neighborhood. Excited to see their new space!

    2. John says:

      Isn’t 2012 Broadway where Nanoosh currently is? I guess this means that is closing this summer?

    3. Often Lost says:

      Re: “Indian restaurant Sapphire, … has found a new spot — at 2012 Broadway between 68th and 69th Streets”

      Would that be the current location of Nanoosh (Hummus, etc) or ….?

      • Amy says:

        I think it’s the space where Dan Tempura used to be.

      • Paul on W 67th says:

        Yes, 2012 Broadway is Nanoosh. I would hate to see them close. That’s really a small space for Sapphire.

        2014 Broadway is Luce

        2016 Broadway was Trevi Nails

        2018 Broadway was Dan (corner of 69th)

    4. Adam Fields says:

      I feel like they should have white and black cookies now.

    5. michael stearns says:

      Has the car wash at 12th Avenue and 46th Street closed? The gates were down and there was no sign of life yesterday.

    6. Neal H Hurwitz says:

      But the West End is still closed!!! Bernheim and Schwartz… WHY?????

    7. Christine E says:

      Arts and Athletics has been opened for months, offering after school chess and other clubs. Though now has signage so appears “new.” Heavy curtains mask the interior and most of the time it appears to be closed.

    8. Paul says:

      Sapphire! And in a better location!

    9. Jane says:

      Bolton’s and Chase are both closing. Another building’s going to be replaced by a tower, I’ll bet.

      • lynn says:

        What’s happening with the church that’s sandwiched in between Chase and Bolton’s?

    10. Bill Williams says:

      Starbucks are a scourge. No different than the banks and chain drug stores

    11. Patty says:

      Sapphire! Thank God- they are the best! Satish, et al😘

    12. Chris says:

      Fir those slamming Starbucks, it does good things like give part timers health benefits.

    13. B.B. says:

      Starbucks will stop selling newspapers, bagged coffee and other merchandise by September.

      Looks like changes in their business model just keep on coming.

      Wouldn’t be surprised in a decade or so if SB doesn’t have a much smaller footprint of retail locations. That and those remaining vastly different that what many were once used to seeing.

      Clearly the concept of huge spaces taken up by mostly those who don’t buy much or anything isn’t working.

      • Tim says:

        “Changes in their business model” Definitely. The “get woke, go broke” phenomenon in full effect.

    14. Zanarkand says:

      Love the Arts and Athletics program and team. They run the after school programs at PS166 and PS9. They are godsends when it comes to offering a place for kids to go in the not working parents friendly NYC Public School schedule. They offer day camps when school is off for a great daily price. My son goes to their chess camp every time and loves it.

    15. Steve M. says:

      The Icon garage on 87th between Broadway and West End is closing on July 31 — or is it being taken over by new management? I talked to one of the workers, but couldn’t get a straight answer. Does anyone know?