Classic Columbia Spot Nussbaum + Wu Reopening, But in Reverse?

Photo by Jennifer Stamm.

Nussbaum + Wu on Broadway and 113th Street was a reliable spot for bagels and sandwiches for people who lived in and around the Columbia campus for 21 years. Its closure last June was preceded by an odd series of circumstances — a bad health inspection, followed by an angry letter posted on the door referencing the owner and a notice that Con Edison had shut off the electricity.

But now, a new sign is on the window, announcing that the next business to occupy the space will be…Wu + Nussbaum! Well, that has a familiar ring to it.

A couple of weeks ago, a tipster told us that he spoke to a contractor who said the owners were coming back — presumably that means Harry Nussbaum and George Wu. But the fact that the names are reversed indicates that the new version could be known as much (or more) for its Asian food as for its bagels and baked goods. That was part of the original mission of Nussbaum + Wu, but the menu had morphed more into bakery and deli food. The new sign has three words on it: noodles, dumplings and bagels.

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    1. UWsider says:

      black and white cookies?

    2. that’s four words

    3. Jeff says:

      I hope they bring back their wonderful Linzer Tarts that they had stopped making long before closing.

    4. Lwin says:

      We NEED the black and whites

    5. Honest Abe says:

      Never really did it for me. Incompetent staff and so-so baked goods.

    6. Michael Knopf says:

      Best Egg and Cheese on the UWS! Possibly all of NYC. Please come back!