Parking Scofflaw Wriggles Out of The Man’s Grasp

Getting your car booted is never fun, and the fines involved can be taxing. But one driver on the Upper West Side found a way out of the government’s grasp — albeit in the most onerous way possible.

Mark sends the photo above from 93rd Street and Central Park West.

Here’s what the city says about removing a boot:

“If you damage the boot, you will be charged a replacement fee of $500. You may also be prosecuted for the crime of property destruction. And you could damage your tire!”

Leave your captions in the comments.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:


    2. geoff says:

      Creative and interesting solution. A 5×5 bolt pattern ‘utility’ wheel replacement costs around $70 and a good quality, new tire around $125.

      If the paperwork (ticket) is gone with the automobile, how can the city trace the owner of this abandoned wheel?

      I think the driver/owner might have gotten away with something using this solution.

      • Paul says:

        The City doesn’t have a copy of the ticket?
        Oh, and the boot has a number, and the records will show who owns the car the boot was attached to.

        • B.B. says:

          Of course there is a copy of the ticket(s); that is what the hand held scanner and or carbon copies of tickets NYPD or parking enforcement agents use.

          Once either scans the vehicle (registration or whatever) even if driver pulls away, and or otherwise refuses the ticket it still will be generated in system. In several days regardless a paper copy/notice will arrive in mail to address listed on registration.

          If you’ve ever driven a rental or Zip type car and gotten a ticket, you know within < 48 hours usually the car hire place receives a copy of the ticket electronically. They have a central office/department for this and most always pay tickets promptly. Then turn around and bill whoever their records show had vehicle during time period.

          Above is why saying "never received/saw the ticket" as a defense when fighting a parking ticket rarely works. Judges know the system and that a notice was also sent to vehicle owner in mail besides the original ticket placed on windshield.

          There are plate scanners at all the tolled North and East River crossings. That and again city knows who vehicle is registered to, that is how he/she was booted in first place. They will now just send another ticket, summons and whatever else demanding payment.

          There are more consequences and repercussions from not paying parking tickets. It can lead to suspension and or refusal to renew drivers license or vehicle registration.

          Unpaid parking tickets never go away. In fact there is a national database of just such things that nearly states consult when a drivers license is renewed, issued in another state, vehicle registration renewal/new, etc… People have been denied for unpaid parking tickets going back ten or more years issued say in New York, but they are in Florida.

      • j says:

        They don’t boot for 1st offense. They have the plate from when they wrote the ticket. They will re-boot or tow the car the next time it is found. With license plate scanners on cop cars they won’t be safe parking on the street in the city.

        • David S. says:

          “They don’t boot for first offense”?

          Sure they do. Back when I lived on the East Side, I got booted at 8:02 in a spot that became a no parking zone at 8AM. This was my first ticket in probably five years; I’d think that qualifies as a “first offense”, no? Did I deserve a ticket? Sure I did. But the booting was ridiculous. The street was a no parking zone after 8AM because (wait for it) they don’t want any cars parked there after 8AM. Had they just issued a ticket, my car would have been off the street at 8:03AM. Instead, it sat there blocking traffic until someone came around at 11:30 to remove the boot. How in the worlk does that make any sense?

    3. Failed "Mad Man" says:

      Two possible captions:
      1. “Time to Re-tire”
      (famed 1920’s advert for FISK tire company, showing a yawning youngster in his jammies, holding a lit candle in one hand and with a FISK tire draped over his opposite shoulder.

      2.”Where the Rubber Meets the … Sidewalk” ??

    4. Eric says:

      Pay your tickets

    5. MB/UWSer says:

      There’s a three page history (tickets) that came before that boot, just ask the license plate.

      “You can run, but you cannot hide.”

    6. michael says:

      Call me cranky, but we live in a society that is built on rules. Because the social fabric is fragile, we (through our taxes) have hired a police force to help maintain social order. While this is funny, it speaks to a major problem in today’s society – specifically, now more and more people tear the social fabric with disregard and then don’t take responsibility for their behavior or the consequences of promoting an angrier and less civil populace.

      If the person who received this boot actually followed the rules that help keep this city moving, they would not have been booted.

      We should not be celebrating this behavior. Rather we should grieve what we have already noticeably lost and start finding ways to rebuild.

      The social fabric is fragile.

    7. Bob says:

      They have the car info from the ticket. Next step is his car will be towed.

    8. Shadane says:


    9. Steven Barall says:

      I think people are missing the point here. This is hysterical!!!!

    10. Scott says:

      This boot was made for tossin.

    11. Sam says:


    12. Joey says:

      Should have thrown it in the dumpster

    13. Jo Baldwin says:

      Many years ago I got a parking ticket in Sausalito, CA. It was a rental car and even then, knowing how the rental companies worked, I figured the next time I try to rent a car something would show up about the ticket so I immediately paid it. About a month later I received a post card from the City of Sausalito thanking me for paying the ticket and inviting me back. That’s a class act. Imagine that here. Ha!

    14. BillyNYC says:

      When it comes time to renewing your registration and or license… it ain’t gonna happen!!