Restaurant Updates: New Chinese Spot Closes Temporarily, Screme Reopens, Tacombi Wants a Sidewalk Cafe

Ahhhh, Gelato. Via Screme.

Gelato shop Screme at 176 West 94th Street seemed to disappear a few weeks ago just as ice cream season heated up. A sign on the window gave people a contact email so they could still buy take-out containers. But this week all of a sudden Screme was back up and running. “They seem to be back in business after a two week break. Well stocked with ice cream again,” writes Victor.

Chinese restaurant Tri Dim West at 467 Columbus Avenue, between 82nd and 83rd Streets closed suddenly after soft-opening in June. A notice on the door said it will be closed until the middle of July for “minor renovation and adjustment.” An employee said it had to do with a plumbing issue in the basement.

Several tipsters wrote in about V&T Pizzeria on 111th and Amsterdam, a longtime UWS staple, being shuttered by the health department. Don’t worry, V&T fans: the restaurant is back open.

And the Community Board 7 Business & Consumer Issues Committee meets on Wednesday to discuss a few applications, including one from the bar Frank Mac’s to host live music. New taco spot Tacombi is also looking to open a sidewalk cafe. See the agenda below:

Business & Consumer Issues Committee, Linda Alexander and Christian Cordova, Co-Chairpersons
Wednesday, July 10, 7:00 PM
New application to the SLA for a two-year liquor license:
1.    2012-2014 Broadway (West 69th Street.) SDS Dining Corp.,d/b/a To be Determined.
Method of Operation Change to Existing License:
2.    425 Amsterdam Avenue (West 80th Street.) Frank Mac’s Place LLC, d/b/a Frank Mac’s. Application to add  Live Music, Acoustic Music – Guitar Etc.
New Unenclosed Sidewalk Cafes:
3.    377 Amsterdam Avenue (West 78th Street.) New application #6720-2019-ASWC to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Tacos “Los Vaqueros”, LLC, d/b/a Tacombi, for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 14 tables and 32 seats.
4.    718 Amsterdam Avenue (West 95th Street.) New application #4823-2019-ASWC to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Cabrera Argudo Corp., d/b/a Rancho Taquileria, for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 22 tables and 44 seats.

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    1. Kindly Dr Dave says:

      V & T has long had a resident cat to exile immigrant mice. Guess the inspectors have betrayed their politics.

    2. Alan Myers says:

      After waiting for a long time Tacombi finally opened several weeks ago. I went in to order a shrimp taco and a beef burrito. I asked for sour cream to be included in my order and the hostess appeared confused. Sour cream is a normal side with both items. I didn’t get the sour cream. I came home and opened the ordered foods and they tasted nothing like the items I’ve been eating for most of my 74 years. They were awful. I’ll give it another try. I hope there is an improvement.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        This is not Yelp.

        • Dolores Del Rio says:

          This may not be Yelp, but there is a long-standing tradition on the Rag of UWS residents commenting on the quality of food at new restaurants, which many of us find useful. There are many taquerias opening and If like to skip straight to the best.

    3. UWS Craig says:

      The tacos at Tacombi are delicious. Especially the fish tacos.

    4. Art V says:

      IMO Tacombi’s space is cold and uninviting; open the windows and it changes everything! Maybe next season?

      • Bill says:

        I agree. Even when Tacombi was Sugar & Plumm, it had all the ambiance of a hospital cafeteria. Plus, the “stroller brigade” doesn’t do much for the fun factor.

        • Tostonesfix says:

          Our first experience with Tacombi was mixed. The do it yourself ordering sheet is fine for a couple, but for a large group in our case, the order came back all kinds of messed up. Agree that the atmosphere leaves a bit to be desired. It’s a huge space with not that many tables so you feel isolated and the room feels cold.

          That said, I have loved the food from the other locations and the food here comes pretty close. They ought not to try to please everybody. It’s authentic, tacos are dressed the way they are supposed to be so it’s probably not the place to take kids who want a cheese quesadilla.

          I am so happy this place opened. It’s a godsend. But it’s authentic Mexican, not Tex Mex or a Americanized burrito place. So please let those who enjoy this style of authentic Mexican food enjoy it.

          • George says:

            I totally agree with you regarding how cold the vibe and experience is at Tacombi’s UWS location. I went once opening week and probably won’t be returning again for a few months. I think the food is delicious — dynamic flavors and textures, and it’s all presented well. But the space really isn’t comfortable, from the awkwardly-placed tables to the horrible high-tops (I basically felt like I was standing, and that it was an effort to encourage guests to eat quickly and leave). Some booths would have been wonderful and helped shape the formless arrangement, sort of like how they set up the Empire State Building location. I also found the service to be distancing. Not only in terms of the paper-tally system, but also how the waiters so frequently utilize the tablets. And as a result, it’s definitely not the kind of environment where I want to spend $14 for a margarita.

            And then Playa Betty’s does a far better job with its similarly-large space and the service is solid, and I like that they offer nightly deals, but the food is unfortunately pretty mediocre.

            I’m very curious how Tri Dim will do here on the west side. I at there once during the soft opening and the food is pretty much the same as the east side location, although the space is far more interesting — bordering on trendy, in a good way, although undercut by the quiet elevator music they play. I think it grew so popular where it was on the UES due to a lack of decent restaurants over there on 3rd Avenue. A lot of their dim sum is okay, though overpriced for not being notable. I can’t see myself going particularly often when Han Dynasty is so close by.

        • Glitter says:

          The fact that it is stroller and family friendly is a huge attraction. Why do you think playa Betty’s is always packed? There are few restaurants on the upper west that are kid friendly. Obvi you don’t have kids and I can see why a kid friendly restaurant would be annoying to you, but it’s good for business.

    5. Zing says:

      Tacombi is cheerful and affordable, and the food is decent. Good addition to the neighborhood!

    6. Josh Bianco says:

      Looking forward to Tri Dim West reopening — I ate there once and was happy with the food and service.

    7. Jeff says:

      I wish a few places would stay open a bit later. After 11 pm there’s not much to choose from in this neighborhood. Pizza, pizza, and more pizza.

    8. Zanarkand says:

      Screme’s Captain Crunch gelato is the best. You can’t eat it without a smile and laughter of the child inside you.

    9. Cyrus says:

      SOOO happy Screme is back up and running. There’s really no other ice cream options between 88th and 104th streets