End Emotional Eating With the Empower Program at Aurora Center NYC


For many people, summertime conjures up images of barbecues and beach vacations, family time at the pool and 4th of July fun. It’s also a season where we get bombarded with advertisements and messages about getting a “beach body” or becoming “bikini ready.” For those who struggle with food addiction, binge-eating, emotional eating, compulsive eating, weight issues, and poor body image, summer can be a time of high anxiety instead of a season filled with fun.

If you are one of the 46,000,000 (yes 46 Million!!) people in the United States who struggle to control their eating behaviors, you are not alone! The diet industry is a BILLION dollar business for a reason — millions of people struggle to eat well, eat consistently, enjoy their food and manage their weight.

Have you ever:

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you will benefit from supportive treatment at Aurora Center NYC.

Aurora Center NYC’s next cycle of the EMPOWER Group for binge and emotional eating starts this Thursday July 11th 2019! This two hour group will include a mindful dinner meal support (dinner meal supplied, vegetarian & kosher options available), followed by a skills group. Participants will decrease their binge episodes, establish a regular & sustainable eating pattern, end the diet-deprivation cycle, increase self-esteem and reduce shame. There are only two open spots remaining in the group, so contact us today to reserve your spot!

Stop vacillating between STARVING and STUFFED and become SATISFIED!

Get EMPOWERED at Aurora Center NYC today!

Aurora Center NYC is located in the heart of the Upper West Side and offers discreet treatment for eating disorders and mental health needs. We are experts in the treatment of emotional eating, compulsive overeating and binge eating disorder. We have helped hundreds of clients Stop Bingeing, lose weight, get their bodies back in balance and get back into their lives. Our warm inviting office suite is located in a beautiful art deco building, tastefully decorated to soothe the senses.

Something that can be done at any time, is often done at no time. Stop waiting for next week, next month, or next year and take the next right step right now!

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