Openings & Closings: La Vera Pizza, Chase Bank, Vai, Mutt Hutt, Pier 72 Reopens

La Vera Pizza is opening in the former Two Boots space on Broadway between 95th and 96th streets. La Vera has other locations in the city, including one in Kips Bay. A manager there did not have an opening date, saying “we’re still under construction.” The menu in Kips Bay has all sorts of other items beyond pizza, including subs and salads. Thanks to Celeste and Steve for the tips.

After 12 years at 429 Amsterdam Avenue (81st), Vai restaurant closed on June 29, with a note to customers. “It has been a great ride, I thank everyone for there unwavering support of myself and Vai over the years,” wrote Vincent. Thanks to Evan, Ray, Jackie, Simon and others for the tips.

Chase Bank is closing its location at 2030 Broadway (70th) in September.

Mutt Hutt, a dog daycare and boarding business, has opened at 238 West 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue, promising pups “a place to play & stay.” According to a brochure distributed at the store, 12-hour daycare for small dogs up to 30 lbs. is $55/day; the rate for larger dogs up to 60 lbs. is $70/day. Package deals are available as are grooming services.

Pier 72 Restaurant is back open at 72nd and West End after being temporarily shut down following a health department inspection. In the restaurant’s follow-up inspection went much better, with Pier 72 receiving just 6 violation points, down from 59 the prior week. We’re getting lots of emails from longtime fans who are thrilled. “Please let everyone know that Pier 72 is open, much to the joy of all of us, its customers who missed it so much, as well as that of all its staff,” wrote Lois.

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    1. UWSDrew says:

      Never liked Two Boots… was always dry and too much garlic in their sauce.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Too Boots was hipster garbage. Long overdue that they’re gone. Looking forward to trying this new place. Mama’s Too drives me crazy, it takes restraint for me not to eat there more than once a week.

      • Sir T. Fiable says:

        Re: “…Two Boots… was always dry and too much garlic in their sauce.”

        Well, they probably were serving older worn-out boots; try asking for factory-fresh boots with a nice lemon-picata sauce…that adds a nice polish to the boots.

        As for Vai’s closing: Oy Vai!

    2. arlene fauser says:

      I am so sorry to see Vai is closing . I really loved everything about it – menu, staff, cocktails… Another UWS loss

    3. Lois says:

      Vai was wonderful! Will miss it sorely.

    4. Kenneth says:

      Just what we need. Less banks.
      Oh, wait…

    5. Bill Williams says:

      Between Sal and Carmines and V&T why would you go anywhere else and yes that includes Mama’s Too.

    6. Danard says:

      At least Two Boots had vegan options. With the closures of Blossom du Jour, Candle Cafe West and Spring Natural there are less and less places on the UWS to find vegan/kosher alternatives.

      • DC says:

        @Danard, My Pie on 72nd has vegan pizza. And, yes, the UWS is now pretty much a vegan wasteland. All the great vegan places are downtown.

      • Chris says:

        Cafe Viva has a number of great vegan options, including pizzas with vegan cheese, soy sausage, and soy meatballs.

      • Jessica says:

        Is Spring Natural closing? I walked by a few days ago and it was still going!

    7. Rich says:

      I’m surprised no one has mentioned (unless I missed it elsewhere) that V&T (Amsterdam between 110th and 111th) has been closed since Friday because of Health violations. A sign on their window claims they’ll be open by tomorrow.

    8. dani says:

      I wish that La Vera maybe looked at the previous menu from two boots and realized that they don’t have a single item for a vegan or non-dairy anything. Not pleased.

    9. Don says:

      Two Boots Pizza was possibly the worst I ever had. It tasted like sandpaper topped with cheese and tomato. Hoping the new place is better. Presently, in my opinion , the best pizza by far is cheesy pizza on 100 Street and Broadway.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        cheesy pizza on broadway? you are eating lunchlady pizza, the dough is pre-made, arrives frozen! do yourself a favor, go get some real pizza in the area! 1)For a 1960’s NYC flavor, Sal & Carmines 2)For some cool flavors like pesto, go to Cafe Viva 3)For the only pizza place ever awarded a star by the NYT, go to Mamma’s Too! The “house slice” is life altering!

        • stu says:

          Mamas Too = Overrated. If you like burned focaccia, then sure.

        • Pizza Truth says:

          Other pizza places have gotten a star from the Times. Una Pizza Napoletana received 2 stars just last month.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            interesting, did not know that. however I am looking at photos from Una Pizza Napoletana and it is not a “slice” place, but those small, round, “wet” pizzas like those made in Italy. I’ll try it but it’s a completely different style of pizza then what New Yorkers want.

      • Aj says:

        Two Boots wasn’t great. But by far the worst pizza I have ever had (at least on the UWS) was Big Nick’s on 71st street. I actually threw slices away after a night out, twice! Just wow.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          yes Aj, Big Nick’s is another one of those “Emperor has no clothes” places where old-time locals rave about the place, but it does not match reality. Their pizza is awful.

    10. M. Kaye says:

      So which (crosstown street?) Broaway Chase Bank is closing???

    11. Michelle says:

      Rumor has it that the Chase Bank on 76th + Columbus is also closing. They were telling customers this last week, although I haven’t seen any formal signage announcing this.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        I had a truly horific experience at that location one year ago. Long story short, when my elderly mother decided to switch to another bank, the formerly friendly officer became extremely nasty and demanded to know why my mother was switching. It was shocking and I had to calm my mother down. I still can’t believe what happened that day. No surprise it is closing.

    12. lynn says:

      I just walked by Boltons on B’way and 72nd and the store was cleared out. I could have sworn it was there this weekend. 😮

    13. R Zeff says:

      Never could understand how they always had an A. The place needs a total renovation – bar stools, counters, tables & chairs always looked unclean. The paint job is unprofessional. The food is decent & fairly priced. The wait staff is always nice.

    14. Mike says:

      I liked two boots…. Albeit it was ny traditional I enjoy the cornmeal crust. That said this location was rough as there was no bathroom for customers. Hoping more out of the new place!

    15. Jeff Berger says:

      The Two Boots Pizza in Nashville is still open (Division off of Broadway!, yes Broadway!). FYI- In Nashville’s West End, West End Avenue becomes Broadway. How funny is that!

    16. Columba livia says:

      Is the pigeon included in the plans for the new restaurant taking over the former Two Boots space?

    17. NYYgirl says:

      The last inspection report I can find listed – and I would love to find a NYC health inspection website for restaurants which is actually functional- says that V & T, as of 8/28/18, has an A. Can you share how one can reliably look up this kind of information? The sites I have used in the past don’t seem to load anymore. Many thanks!

    18. Mark Moore says:

      Maybe this will finally be the good slice the neighborhood needs. I tried Marinara the other day and it pretty much was just boring and bland stuff you can get at a midtown deli.

    19. Henry says:

      I can’t believe these comments what about little Italy pizza . Never got a bad slice there and so friendly to my kids.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        little italy is good, but not a standout. the dough is thick, the sauce might be too sweet for some.

    20. Prairie Dawn says:

      But I really thought they had a good crust