Spotted on the UWS: Small Acts of Political Expression

Upper West Siders have quietly, and not so quietly, been making their opinions known about politics for decades. In recent days, readers have sent in photos of some signs of the times.

The poster above was spotted in Riverside Park in the 90’s by Gimo Nasiff, who pointed out that it’s a copy of an iconic poster featuring Vladimir Lenin. The Russian apparently means “The Party – the Mind, Honor and Conscience of Our Time!”

The bumper sticker shown above was spotted in the neighborhood and sent in by Jodie Gould.

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    1. Michele Dellinger says:

      That’s why I love the Upper West Side!

    2. Jack Davis says:

      AnyFuntioningAdult, all the way in 2020! Everything else is gravy.

    3. Tim George says:

      Any Functioning Adult? How sad that it’s true.

    4. Robin Rice says:

      Any Functioning Adult is perfect. I would love one of these bumper stickers!

    5. Leon says:

      I would love to see a contest between Any Functioning Adult and Inanimate Carbon Rod (for those who watch the Simpsons). Both have a much higher IQ than Donald.

    6. Rosamunde Blanck says:

      Saw a small BETO sign on RSD near 80th St. bus stop.

    7. UWSHebrew says:

      Ah, the UWS bubble. Thanks to the DNC is now clearly hard-left, Trump will win IN A LANDSLIDE. You’re either with AOC / Omar or you’re with the GOP. Lines are crystal clear.

      • Jen says:

        Ima a dem but I’m afraid you are right.

      • P. Salta says:

        I’m an independent…the left used to be nice people… now they are embarrassing. I’m w Brandon Straka.

      • MisterBUMbO says:

        I do not think the Dems are truly hard left. That’s been the GOP’s party line because they moved the definition of moderate to the right. The lines are pretty jumbled up. And I feel like Trump is going to lose in a landslide. The UWS bubble is completely clear.

      • D.G. says:

        UWS H: Must you always sound like (to quote the late Spiro Agnew) a “nattering nabob of negativity?”

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Um, the entire article is negative against the sitting President. So one person (me), is critical of this, and that’s what you take away, that I AM THE SOURCE of constant negativity? You just proved my point, re, bubble!

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        … because we all know how accurate “UWSHebrew’s” predictions on the midterm elections were.

        I’m curious as to why UWH uses that screen name. Is he (most likely a he) saying that he represents the views of the Jewish community on the UWS? it’s a very diverse community, and his right wing, and frequently racially provocative, views represent some in the UWS Jewish community… but it’s a small minority. Some people might take it at face value that he’s “representing.”

      • BeBest says:

        I am always surprised that UWSHebrew is allowed to troll here. So. Much. Old Man Rage.

        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

          do we know that UWSH is an “old man”?

          he (assuming a “he”) might be a youngster.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          If old is being part of “Gen X”, then I guess I am old to you who is…a high school student? You and Bruce are constantly miserable with my postings, always looking to “excuse me”, that I must represent a very small minority of New York City Jews. Sorry to both of your “Jewish-liberal” sensibilities, but there are more of “us” than you think, especially outside of Manhattan proper (Staten Island! Brooklyn!). Trump2020!

    8. Jess says:

      The UWS is the best

    9. Georgeta says:

      Where can I buy that **2020** sticker? #bestcampaign

    10. John says:

      I love Trump and love the fact that the snowflakes are still crying!

      • ClearEyes says:

        And he loves you, comrade.

      • Tim says:

        Exactly right John! It’s comical how they still haven’t gotten over the election, over 2 years ago!

        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

          … because dislike for Trump has nothing to do with his policies and his rhetoric. We’re all just upset about losing.

          and of course the Midterm elections meant nothing re: the mood of the country. How soon we forget.

    11. ZoomZ says:

      Hate to say it, but must I do:

      with the dems going out of their collective minds playing the socialist games, they are kissing the 2020 election a big wet goodbye.
      They will lose the house and the Trumper will win the White House in a frigging landslide.

    12. Bill Williams says:

      Amazing that people don’t remember 100 Million murdered.

    13. David says:

      Trump 2020

    14. Eric says:

      re: ‘Any Functioning Adult”

      Yes yes, the ol’ liberal play… “If you were only as smart as us”

      Keep running on that…

      What is wrong with a non pandering party lines president?

      Make Liberals Cry Again

    15. Antonio says:

      This is a great insult to Lenin and communism.

      Trump is a completely home grown, American, phenomenon and has nothing to do with the communist tradition.

    16. Tony says:

      My personal favorite was a good sized button worn by a senior women which said “IT’S MUELLER TIME”. I laughed; a desperately needed laugh.

    17. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      What i notice about the Trump supporters is that they seem to like Trump mainly because leftists and liberals dislike him. That is the main compliment that they come up with: “He makes liberals cry.”

      Not a word about how great his actual POLICIES are. Do they like his tax cut for the rich? do they like his withdrawing from the Paris agreements and saying climate change is a hoax? Do they like his trade politics, and think they work? Do they like his policies on immigration, and think that separating children from families is a great idea? do they like his divisive and derogatory racial rhetoric? (well, i’m sure some of the commenters do… as they use it themselves. )Appointing the vapid Jared Kushner as a major adviser?

      Apparently they’re just angry people and he feeds their anger, which makes them feel good. what about examining the BASIS of their anger?

      • John says:

        I like all of his policy moves. And I received the largest Tax refund of my adult life this year and no I am not rich.
        Its the left that has no argument against him accept Russia Russia Russia and he is Stupid.

      • AnyoneButTrump2020 says:

        Excellent reply!

        Unfortunately, it will NEVER be read by most TRUMPeters or their sTRUMPets (look that one up!).

        WHY ???

        1) it appears on WSR, a site they would never be caught reading; and
        2) it has 152 WORDS, many of them having MORE THAN 5 LETTERS 😱, one of the challenges that caused many of his supporters to drop-out of Fifth Grade.

    18. Josh says:

      The UWS truly is an ivory tower. A hermetically sealed bubble of leftism masquerading as liberalism. Trump is flawed, so instead of pointlessly complaining please help find a better candidate.