Snow Day! Public Schools are Closed on Monday

Photo by Andrew Dallos in Central Park near Sheep Meadow.

A snowstorm that was just getting started on Sunday evening is likely to inundate the city by Monday morning, and city officials decided to call off public school.

The mayor is urging people not to drive if at all possible, because the worst of the storm is likely to hit around rush hour Monday morning.

We’ve put together a list of some popular local sledding hills.

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    1. westend says:

      It’s rush hour Monday morning and there’s no snow crashing down! What happened?! Why not just close the city down for the winter and hibernate til the spring arrives.

    2. Brenda says:

      Is snow really this hard to predict that no one has gotten it right all season?

    3. Stormchaser says:

      What storm?

    4. sam says:

      If this was last year, the mayor would have correctly waited until Monday morning to make the call. But he wont take that risk after being unfairly thrown under the bus in November for his handing of a situation nobody could have predicted. Now thousands of parents were forced to scramble for child care unnecessarily.

    5. chuck d says:

      I feel bad for the mayor (and I’m not a fan nor a detractor). He seems to just have terrible luck predicting these things. As a parent, I certainly appreciate having enough time to find childcare for a snow day, but man, this is one of the nicest days of the year so far!

    6. Smithe says:

      When did we become so soft? Every weather event is now named and what used to be 6-12 inches of forecasted snow is now a “storm”. It’s winter folks and it snows. Put on your boots and get to school/work!

    7. UWSmom says:

      Did anyone else notice that the mayor cancelled school well before the DOE did. The mayor tweeted “snow day” while DOE tweeted they were still monitoring the situation. School closure should be the decision of the DOE, not the mayor. The mayor needs to sit back and let those in charge do their jobs. And this micro-managing hero-complex guy wants to run for President…

    8. Pink Coats Get Me says:

      i didn’t want to say anything, but the young lady in the top pic is absolutely gorgeous. it can’t be just the pink coat!