Photos and Video: Jonah Hill Directs Vampire Weekend Music Video at Zabar’s as Shoppers Keep Shopping (and Griping)

Jonah Hill directing the video at Zabar’s on Thursday. Photo by Jessica Winchell.

Zabar’s shoppers got a surprising show early Wednesday evening when some rockstars and a celebrity actor showed up at the fish counter. Jonah Hill was at the iconic store on Broadway between 80th and 81st to shoot a video for the band Vampire Weekend, according to Jackie Leitzes.

“People were shopping the whole time!” Jackie told us. “Many folks were totally oblivious and one lady got mad because the PAs were blocking access to ‘her dinner’ in one of the cases! So Upper West Side.”

Jessica Winchell told us that some customers were even picked to be at the counter, along with employees. A crew member told her it would show “a day on the Upper West Side.”

Check out some more photos and a brief video below.

Photo by Jessica Winchell.

Photo by Jackie Leitzes.

That’s lead singer Ezra Koenig in the blue cap. Photo by Jackie Leitzes.

(But let’s be real: leave the lox-slicing to the real Zabar’s pros, like this guy.)

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    1. Rodger Lodger says:

      I like Jonah. A good man, very decent from all accounts. Also a fine slicer.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      A rare non-phony in Hollywood (I’ve got stories you would not believe about how actors behave towards the common folk). Glad he lost the weight, lookin good.

    3. Guy says:

      Of course Vampire Weekend is recording a video at Zabar’s, of course.

      Side note: their new single “Harmony Hall” is awesome. Looking forward to the new album and seeing them at MSG.

    4. Fish Lover says:

      My answer to the question the Last Jewish Lox Slicer asks at 2:18 on the video is, yes, I have kissed a whitefish. But I wouldn’t try it with a narwhal.

    5. Jo Ann says:

      Why am I not surprised someone was complaining in Zabar’s?

      • David S says:

        Why wouldn’t they be complaining? If I went into a store to buy my dinner (or anything else for that matter) and found that I couldn’t because of something that could have been done pretty much anywhere else in the world, I’d be complaining, too.

    6. Westender says:

      Fab 5 Freddy was there, too. I walked in as they were all assembling and watched Hill introduce the musicians to each other.

      Oh, and I got bagels before the staff dispersed from behind the bakery counter, which was cool of the film crew and the Zabar’s staff. Thanks, guys!

    7. Chip Chapiin says:

      and then there was NYS Governor-hopeful Cynthia Nixon ordering a cinnamon raisin bagel with (shudder) lox ..

    8. Tim says:

      “Rockstars and a celebrity actor”

      Dial back the PR slant, UWS Rag. I like these guys but this seems like a ‘sponsor’ kinda thing. UWS-iders see these kinda guys all the time.

      • Sean says:

        Yes, we are a mecca for sightings of people in show business of a certain age. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen Lee Grant.

    9. Alina says:

      Can’t wait for new VW!! Also, hoping this video comes out done well b/c (admittedly, I’m judging Jonah’s mv directorial skills off 1 song) the video he did for Danny Brown was so awful. I love Danny Brown, but that mv was 🥴🤮🥴

    10. Fielding Mellish says:

      Nifty idea, but Vampire Weekend is a truly awful band.
      Bereft of talent, musicianship, ability, professionalism, and basic people skills.

      Trust me. I know.

    11. Jan says:

      Vampire who? These are not rock stars in my
      book. Prob another one of those “terrible”
      music groups we are subjected to these days
      We like Jonah however he’s cool.

    12. Mark Moore says:

      For $50 a pound for nova he should wear a hairnet behind the counter.

    13. DS says:

      I guess we’re in a culture where you’re a goon or presumptively a moron if you get annoyed that you can’t get groceries at a market because celebrity gophers are blocking your access.
      Also, the idea that one would put the phrase ‘her dinner’ in scare quotes to emphasize her imbecility when the customer was quite literally talking about her actual dinner only increases the humour content.
      So Upper West Side!