Pupper West Side: Libby Has That Jersey ‘Tude

By A. Campbell

Name: Libby

Age: 2.5 years old

Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd

Profile/history: I’m originally from New Jersey and it shows in my attitude. Now I’m a ride-or-die Upper West Sider and I love city life.

Daily routine: Mom and I go to Central Park to take advantage of the off-leash hours in the morning before she goes to work. Most days I’ll either go to Camp Canine for daycare or stay home and get visits from my dog-walker. During those days, I’ll also spend time with my best pup friend who lives across the hall from us. When mom comes home work, we go for another walk and then I wait patiently to greet the Seamless delivery man. After dinner I get ready for bed. I’m not a night owl, so if it gets later than 9 p.m. and we’re still awake, I start to get grumpy.

Loves: I love taking advantage of off-leash hours in Central Park. Other loves include treats and men in uniform. I don’t what it is about me but doormen, policemen, firemen – I’m just drawn to them all. I also enjoy hiking and runs on the beach, but I can be a homebody as well and love curling up on the couch. I guess it depends on my general mood that day.

Does not love: Strangers. Really anyone approaching me on the street is a red flag. I don’t love garbage trucks, but mostly I’ve adjusted to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Favorite store/business on UWS: I like to stop by Épicerie Boulud for coffee each morning. Lululemon and Blue Mercury are usually places where I can count on getting a treat. In the summer, I love taking advantage of the outdoor seating at all the Upper West Side wine bars.

Favorite park spot: I like the baseball field in Central Park by West 64th Street and on the weekends, I meet friends at the Le Pain Quotidien near Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park.

Favorite treat: I’m not a picky eater, but I love liver treats, or anything chicken- or duck-based.

What are your thoughts on New York’s “billionaire’s row” and its effect on the Upper West Side? Look, I’d like to live on “billionaire’s row”, but since I can’t, I’m not a fan of all the noise and construction there. I could do without that. Frankly, I think many of these new construction sites should be made into parks. At the very least, I think developers should incorporate as many trees in and around these new developments as possible.

If West Side Rag readers are interested in becoming pet owners, we encourage you to consider adopting or volunteering to be a foster parent with one of the many shelters and nonprofits based in and around New York City. These include but aren’t limited to: Muddy Paws Rescue; Animal Lighthouse Rescue; NYC ASPCA; Humane Society of New York; Bideawee; Social Tees; and Animal Haven.

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    1. Bill says:

      This is great. We love you Libby. If you cannot adopt a dog, consider fostering. FosterDogsNewYork.

      • Bedtimes, I watch dog rescue videos on YouTube. Outcome? 1/1/2019, I began allowing monthly automated donations to a rescue plus an extreme rescue doggie organization. Dogs depend on people for their well-being.

    2. Heather says:

      What an adorable pup! The photos are terrific. You go, Libby! Enough with the cement!! Bring more green spaces to this fair city!

    3. JS says:

      Libby is a cutie!

      Hopefully Libby’s dogwalker, parent etc is not letting Libby poop in the middle of the sidewalk or pee on buildings etc🙂

    4. Marci says:

      These are really clever and fun. Can’t wait for the next one!

    5. Ivan says:

      I agree with Libby’s stance on Billionaire’s Row. What an astute observer of the city unconsidered approach to real estate development!

    6. Nina Duchaine says:

      kill the dog column. not very interesting.

    7. Darwin says:

      Off leash is the BEST!!! And yes, please do adopt a dog who needs a home. It was the best move my mom EVER made 🙂