Funniest Costumes: Fake Domino’s and the Seven Ginsburgs

Upper West Siders went big for Halloween this year, and two costumes we saw were particularly fun.

The team at Sal & Carmine’s at 2671 Broadway (102nd) slapped a Domino’s banner on the store, and offered what looked like free “pizza.” It was not pizza, however (cue Domino’s jokes).

And several Upper West Siders paid homage to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has become a cultural and pop cultural icon.

One of the Ginsburgs apparently said “send this to the West Side Rag,” which shows she’s a brilliant jurist.

Thanks to Shirlee for the Ginsburgs pic!

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    1. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      very creative work from Louie! (Sal and Carmine’s owner, pictured.)

    2. IF says:

      okay, Sal & Carmine’s. This was good. I’ll forgive your general grouchiness cuz this is funny.

    3. Kathleen says:

      Love this!!