New UWS Restaurants Will Showcase Cuisines of Many Nations

FUMO’s got fresh Italian food.

By Alex Israel

A number of new restaurants highlighting global cuisine received liquor license and sidewalk café approvals during a recent meeting of Community Board 7’s Business & Consumer Issues Committee. Liquor license applications will also need to be reviewed by the State Liquor Authority for final approval.

New restaurants looking to get liquor licenses include:

FUMO, an Italian restaurant operated by Francesco Capolongo, is expected to replace Mezzogiorno at 2791 Broadway (between 107th and 108th Streets). The authentic Italian menu will feature “fresh, homemade food” that includes pizza and pasta, according to a representative from the company. It will be the second outpost, following the initial location which opened at 1600 Amsterdam (between 138th and 139th Street) in 2016. Here’s the menu at that location.

Tacos los Vaqueros, a Mexican restaurant within the TACOMBI restaurant family, is under construction at 377 Amsterdam Avenue (between 78th and 79th Streets) at the space formerly home to Sugar & Plumm. According to TACOMBI director of restaurant operations Luis Berenbau, the menu will feature “locally sourced ingredients for a high quality cuisine at affordable prices” in a “causal atmosphere.” Berenbau is excited to open the first location above 33rd street (and seventh in the New York area) by the beginning of 2019, after requests from Upper West Side patrons for a closer option.

8th Hill, a Mediterranean restaurant will replace Isabella’s at 359 Columbus Ave (77th Street). The final menu is still in development, but the restaurant is expected to serve different types of grilled meats, traditional homemade dumplings, salads, and “multifarious cold appetizers,” according to owner Semi Feyzioglou. With a few more months of construction left, they are hoping to open before Thanksgiving.

Flying Fisherman, a new seafood concept from The Restaurant Group, opened earlier this month as a replacement for A.G. Kitchen. Local Yelpers are (mostly) already praising their selection of fish and drinks.

A number of renewals and new applications for sidewalk cafés passed unanimously, including:

Miznon’s new application for a liquor license at 320 Columbus Avenue (75th Street) and Bluestone Lane’s new application for an unenclosed sidewalk café at 417 Amsterdam Avenue (80th Street) were not approved, as there were no representatives present to appear before the committee.

All committee approvals will be up for a vote during the next full board meeting on October 2, 2018.

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    1. Marcy says:

      Cafe tallulah is gone. Oxbow is there now.

    2. Judi says:

      Tried Flying Fisherman, just a word of caution, anyone with a shellfish allergy should not eat there. As of yet, there are no protocols to accomdate that need. Management was apologetic.

    3. Kat French says:

      Interesting that Bluestone Lane hasn’t yet received approval for an unenclosed sidewalk cafe, considering that they are practically blocking the entire sidewalk with their row of planters, two rows of tables, and waiting area benches.

    4. Tim says:

      Bluestone Lane has had their sidewalk cafe up and running for about a month now, fwiw.

    5. ben zinkin says:

      Why can’t the UWS (between 72d and 96 st) support a truly distinguished gormet restaurant?

      • chuck d says:

        Because the UWS is really suburban Manhattan. I want good delivery and a place that accommodates kids. If I want to be fancy, I go downtown.

        Seriously, I’d take some decent, fast, affordable take out over Michelin starred restaurants any day in our neighborhood.

    6. Daisy Zeigen says:

      Sorry to hear of Mezzogiorno’s demise. I was a frequent diner there. It is one of the few places where one could both eat a decent meal and enjoy a conversation. Here’s hoping that Fumo doesn’t raise the decibels to a level that makes conversation and dining impossible. Feels like those of us who are over 30 and have money to spend are unwelcome even on 108th Street. I’m not a fan of pizza and yelling.

    7. Walt says:

      ” high quality cuisine at affordable prices” Translation – 2 teeny tiny hors d’oeuvre sized tacos for $12 to $14 with no sides or chips included.

    8. Cato says:

      — “According to TACOMBI director of restaurant operations Luis Berenbau, the menu [at Tacos los Vaqueros] will feature “locally sourced ingredients for a high quality cuisine at affordable prices” in a “causal atmosphere.””

      He didn’t use the word “curated”. Obviously the place can’t be any good.

    9. susan says:

      My husband got food poisoning after eating a lobster roll at the Flying Fisherman. Very disappointing.

    10. Steven says:

      Would be nice to get a new, reasonably priced diner in the west 70’s.