Morning Bulletin: Fake Mews, Hudson River Swimming Interview, NYCHA’s Lead Problems

Photo by Joeanna Sayler.

July 16, 2018 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 89 degrees. There’s another air quality alert.

Free music and more local events this week are on our calendar.

There’s an IDNYC pop-up location through July 27 at Advent Lutheran Church at 2504 Broadway. You can get free annual memberships to dozens of NYC cultural locations. Make an appointment here.

Homes at Pomander Walk, the mini-neighborhood from 94th to 95th Streets between West End and Broadway, are increasingly being converted into single family townhouses. It’s also not technically a “mews”. Meaning…it’s Fake Mews! (Hat-tip to Scooter Stan for that one.)

Ira Gershenhorn (a West Side Rag reader) frequently swims in the Hudson River, and wants to convince others that it’s now safe for a dip. Reporter Corey Kilgannon did a swimming interview with him to learn more. “Mr. Gershenhorn, a computer programmer and a good swimmer, is driven by convenience — he can be in the water within minutes of leaving his Upper West Side apartment building — and by the mission of convincing Manhattanites that the Hudson is swimmable. ‘I’m just going in to show people it’s O.K. to go in the water — it’s a political reason,’ he said, while breast-stroking in a light chop, with a reporter swimming alongside.”

A 19-year-old Douglass Houses resident explains her struggles after finding she had high lead levels in her blood, as NYCHA comes under fire for a history of lead contamination.

Larry McGloster pleaded not guilty to hitting a woman with a hammer and setting her on fire at the Douglass Houses in June.

John Reynolds stepped on the back of Hannah Chase’s sandal as they got onto the train at 96th Street one morning last week, and the shoe fell onto the tracks. She wrapped her foot in a t-shirt and trudged to work, but their saga didn’t end there. She ended up getting the shoe back and the two of them ended up on TV.

A Riverside Drive co-op president explains his approach to preservation.

Robert Jackson has delivered his petition signatures to run for State Senate as a Democrat, and has been out and about often on the UWS:

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    1. Eric says:

      ‘Progressive change’?
      Dems been running this city forever, how on earth can it become anymore progressive?

    2. Margaret says:

      Just a note that Hannah has great taste in shoes! If I’m not mistaken, that was one of a pair of Andre Assous sandals – incredibly comfortable and cute too. I got mine at Harry’s Shoes, 82nd and Broadway. Love to shop at Harry’s!

    3. AnDee says:

      unrelated, but have you already reported that the restaurant opened by the taco truck on WEA and 96th now appears closed? helas…

      • wombatnyc says:

        The Taco Truck Restaurant was opened for about 2 weeks .. Just a hunch but it seems they might be waiting for the construction to start on the ” Supertall” being bulit at the corner of 96th and Broadway. The truck will be displaced and my guess is the restaurant will get very busy with cnstruction workers eating lunch