Giant Wooden Birds are Coming to Broadway to Highlight Climate Change Risks

Artist Nicolas Holiber is building wooden sculptures of 12 birds to place in the Broadway median next April, hoping to raise awareness of climate change.

Holiber is putting together the project with the city Parks Department, the Broadway Mall Association, the NYC Audobon and Gitler &_______ Gallery.

“Why are these birds important? Because they come from a group identified in the National Audubon Society Birds & Climate Change Report, which revealed that 314 species—nearly half of all North American birds—will be imperiled over the coming decades due to shifting and contracting habitat zones as a result of global warming. Each sculpture will be accompanied by information on that specific bird, the threats it faces, and what concerned viewers can do to help.”

Holiber is raising money to help finish the project. His Kickstarter aims to raise $30,000, and was at $22,091 as of Sunday. It ends on Wednesday.

The Birds on Broadway website is here.

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    1. David says:

      I can’t believe the woman in the pictures has walked over 100 blocks while drinking the same cup of coffee.

      • Lord Of The Slice says:

        It’s an extra-large, substantial, great, huge, immense, enormous, extensive, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, mighty, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, mountainous Soy Mochachino

      • EricaC says:

        But with al the coffee shops we have now, maybe she bought a new one at every stop?

    2. Wendy says:

      No Hummingbirds, Budgerigars, Albatrosses ? Stop budgerigar mills. n.b. 1,000 paper origami Cranes – for peace. How’s the woman, who may be running a wild bird [clinic ? in N.Y.C.. Just read a book re a parrot sanctuary x helping our Vets who have PTSD. I sculpted some clay re Budgerigars. Don’t eat Ortolan ? Ah, Czech recipe for roast goose, or, duck . Maybe , CHML, or WBZ : someone talked @ migratory birds – this Week. “I’ll fly away…”, hymn. n.b. Books & a small , rescued Owl; &, other books @ raptors.

    3. Sprinkles says:

      I love the idea and the sculptures look stunning, but do they have to include a dead pigeon with the peregrine falcon? That’s New York City’s main bird, man. Come on. I don’t want to walk past a dead pigeon every day on my way to the subway. Bad enough when I have to walk past the real thing.

    4. Joan says:

      What a fabulous project. I am looking forward to seeing all the birds. Thank you for bringing such an important visual message to Manhattan.

    5. Mel says:

      Birds – fantastic. Can’t wait. Coffee – no comment.

    6. Smithe says:

      I don’t want to wait until 2019! Those tree people make me uneasy lol.

    7. Dissident says:

      Skeptics of climate change alarmism are derisively branded “anti-science” and “denialists”– by the same people who demand denial of what are objective, manifest realities when, as they often do, they conflict with and even outright contradict and discredit doctrinal Truth. If only I were permitted to elaborate…