Library-Card Holders Get Once-a-Year Free Admission to 33 Cultural Institutions

The New York Public Library has just announced a new perk for being a member. You can now get free admission to 33 museums and other cultural institutions one day a year with your card. (The Queens and Brooklyn library systems are also participating.)

To sign up, go to the library site and input the numbers on your card and your pin number. Then you’ll have to reserve the date when you want to go and print out a pass on that date. Here’s a longer explanation of how it works.

And here are the participating institutions:

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    1. dannyboy says:

      Adds some value to the Public Library Card, now that the libraries have been decimated.

      • RF says:

        Kanopy is a fantastic benefit, too! It’s a streaming service (like Netflix or Amazon Prime, with a lot of the same movie content) that is totally free to anyone with a New York Public Library card. I’ve actually cancelled my Netflix and am using that instead. Access to e-books is great as well, although I wish the waiting lists weren’t so long for most of the selections.

    2. Doug Garr says:

      Good luck getting a freebie to the Intrepid. The reservation system is stupid. It doesn’t tell you what’s available until you pick a day.

    3. Terry says:

      Wonder why AMNH is not on that list?

      • geoff says:

        good question. meanwhile, because entrance is by donation, 25¢ will get you inside. for that matter, so will 1¢.

        • Terry says:

          And volunteering at AMNH or any of the above institutions will get you and a guest free admission to all the others, any day, any time, any number of times. (They’re all part of the NY Museum Council).

          Just FYI….

    4. Wendy says:

      sounds great. A nice perk. Thanks for sharing.

    5. LesleyB says:

      Although many premier tier museums are listed, none of them actually have any available dates – just the obscure ones do. Initially, I assumed this was a scam but since yesterday, the Guggenheim added availability so there’s hope the rest will soon follow. I’ll keep watching for updates.