A Double Rainbow Breaks Out After the Storm

An ominous storm on Tuesday didn’t last long, and it led to this.

Photo by Tamami Mihara from 66th Street.

Photo by Dan Shulman.

Photo by Michael Kosarin.

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    1. Gidget says:


    2. Wendy says:

      Thanks fer that photo of a double rainbow . Hope that no citizen;s abode, leaked. Many tree pits deserved better care. Happy singing : re – over the rainbow; &, Look,….to the rainbow.

    3. Independent says:

      Beautiful captures.

      I wonder how many people below a certain age know that Double Rainbow is one of the many songs composed by the late Antonio Carlos Jobim.

    4. AC says:

      The Double Rainbow pic from Tamami appears doctored. Picture appears to be looking East towards 5th Avenue, along Central Park, from West 66 street. However, you have two of the tallest buildings in Manhattan (432 Park and One57) both on 57 street in the picture?? Both of these buildings wouldn’t be in the pic, as they are well below the southern border of Central Park.

      I’m not a photo expert, but I do know the

      • whatever says:

        It’s called perspective fella. Nothing looks out of sorts to me as this is my view every day.

        • AC says:

          LOL – you must be from out of town. Central Park South does not run that long and the Citicorp bldg. would be in the pic, to say the least.

          I had some pros confirm it was photo-shopped. But as out-of-towners say, Whatever.

          • whatever says:

            LOL – I am hardly an out-of-towner.

            Glad you have ample time in your day to take random photos from neighborhood blogs to see if they’ve been altered.

      • tamami says:

        Hello AC,
        For you information: This photo was not doctored.
        This is an exact photo directly from my iphone.
        My view from my building looks South and East
        I have a “panorama” on my camera which allows me to take in a larger horizon.
        As you are not an “expert” it would be nice if you simply enjoyed the image without trying to take away from the natural magic of nature…

      • ira bitner says:

        Hi AC, I want to just let you know that “panorama” is a well respected and much used technique every photographer loves to catch the larger horizons that you see in Tamami’s photo. This is a natural shot. And she did a great job keeping the shot level because panorama’s with iphones require a steady hand and a keen eye.
        Honestly: to impugn the integrity of a picture that this West Side Rag deems legitimately shot is not very nice.
        If you have such a passion for where shots are taken and the locations of shots you should email directly to the photographer and leave your non-“expert” opinions that are based on ignorance of camera technology to yourself. A word of advice: People submit photos to the West Side Rag to SHARE beauty…SHARE
        Please receive these gifts of sharing with the same modesty and no ego that the photographers have in their wish to share!

    5. tamami says:

      This is an open reply to my image:
      This photo was not doctored.
      This is an exact photo directly from my iphone.
      My view from my building looks South and East
      I have a “panorama” on my camera which allows me to take in a larger horizon.
      i just wanted to share a magical moment with everyone and my friends asked me to post this….
      I don’t even have a skill to “doctor” an image…
      Please I hope this image will simply inspire everyone to look just, “be” and see with the eyes of a child..from the natural magic of nature…

      • AC says:

        At Tamami, my apologies for thinking otherwise. Your sincerity appears genuine. I like your statement about your skillz, that makes both of us. I’ll go one further, I’m not all to familiar With a ‘panamorma’ view, with regards to range, but I accept your picture as your intention, a magical true picture. 🙂

        • Smithe says:

          Shame on you AC! You should try to conduct yourself better in the future.

        • Marilyn says:

          Tamami your picture captures all of the beauty imaginable in one shot. Thank you so much for sharing. Mjr