Photos of the Day: Umm, Maybe Don’t Leave The House for a Little While

Scott Matthews caught the amazing photo above from 106th Street and Broadway. “Something Wicked This Way Comes” he said, in his best Ray Bradbury voice.

Michael Kosarin took the photo below from 92nd and Central Park West.

E. Ervin took another shot below of the storm from what appears to be the West 60’s looking uptown.

In short, stay inside!

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      photo is from the first Ghostbusters movie

    2. Giulia says:

      Looks like Gozer the Gozerian is coming to town.

    3. Barbara Michalak says:

      Great photos, especially the menacing No. 1. And quick work — this storm struck so fast. Thanks!

    4. Janice says:

      There was no city wide alert. I saw baby carriages topple over and elderly blown down and injured.. this was serious! why wasn’t the public cautioned?

      • EGF says:

        Janice – You must sign up for Notify NYC. I get emails and text messages almost hourly every day regarding traffic, weather, emergency drills, and other incidents. Its free and easy. Yesterday had NUMEROUS WARNINGS!

      • Bill says:

        @Janice … “Cautioned”? This storm was hyped for DAYS on every channel, every radio station and every weather app. How could you not know about it? And BTW … who takes their baby out in a thunderstorm? “Gosh, I didn’t know there would be wind and lightning and thunder.” DUH!!!

      • yourneighbor says:

        I received a bunch of texts from NYC about the impending violent storm all day. Aren’t you signed up?

      • Erica says:

        There was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect .

    5. Robin Rice says:

      Great photos! We were gaping at that cloud from a window on W. 98th Street, wishing we had a view of the whole thing. Looking toward NJ across the Hudson there was a stripe of blue above the horizon, then yellow, then a stripe of pink below the massive billows of thick grey and black.

    6. AC says:

      Very Nice Pic! This pic appears to have been taken from a building in the vicinity of B’way and 106. From looking at the water towers and skyline (view is looking to the North and East – towards Morningside Park), likely taken from an apartment at 225 West 106 with a East view. Some storm!

    7. Capt. Malin says:

      It looks like “The Nothing” from Neverending Story.

    8. Wendy says:

      Thanks fer photos of that storm , also. Difficult to be working outside; or, homeless in any storm.More Community centers; &, Senior centers needed; &, more public toilets. A story by Ray Bradbury was on the a.m. radio, recently. I miss the shorter buildings @ 1960, in Manhattan, N.Y.C.. Which best Umbrella, made in U.S.A. , ? I know songs @ rain in several languages. n.b. Carl Sandberg’s story @ Umbrellas.

    9. Independent says:

      Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.