Cat Missing Since Saturday May Have Been Seen Near Museum of Natural History

A cat has gone missing from an apartment at 90th Street and Broadway, and his owner is desperately trying to find him. See the images below and call the number if you see him!

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    1. Gleich says:

      Hopefully everyone who walks their dogs there will be on the lookout. I am a little north and have not seen him.

    2. Matt says:

      I hope its found quickly! I grew up in the country and we had alot of outside cats. They’re very resourceful and can survive in the worst of climates. Needless to say, be optimistic, keep searching and it will be home in no time!

      • jjwalker77 says:

        Outside cats are different. This is an upper west side cat used to living a plush indoor life.
        Hope somebody finds it but it is going to have a tough time out there until that happens.

        • Ashley says:

          Luckily this cat has had some experience being in the outdoors. We move a lot and at our last house had a large wooded area connected to our backyard where he spent a lot of time. While this was over a year ago, he should at least have some experience spending nights outside and catching food.

          • dannyboy says:


            Try putting some food and water adjacent to your building. My previous cat jumped out a window, but remained near the building.

            Neighbors saw her trying to get back in and returned her to us.

    3. dannyboy says:

      “He is very adventuress and may have traveled far”.

      Keep your eyes peeled folks.

    4. Zeus says:

      I lost my cat in early December of 1990.
      Ran out of my car on 66th street and Amsterdam Avenue, at 1 in the morning.
      Looked for him for three months.
      As far as Central Park in the 90’s and
      59th street.
      Finally, in mid March of 1991, I found
      him in the parking lot of Lincoln Towers,
      by 66th street. He lost weight and was
      dirty, but he survived a few snow storms,
      the cold, and lack of free food at home.
      Cats don’t run away from where they
      got lost. They stay put, as close as
      possible to their original spot.
      Keep on looking in a radius of 2-3 blocks.
      That’s is most likely where he is.
      Good luck & I keep my fingers crossed
      for the cat & you.

      • Ashley says:

        Thanks so much for your story. It really gives me hope I will find my little buddy. I need to stay positive and trust he can survive, as he is a cat and he has great survival instincts. Most of the posters I hung feel down in the storm, so I’m gonna hit the streets hard again. Thanks again,

        • dannyboy says:


          Concentrate you search around your building.

          And yes, cats do have 9 (at least) lives when it comes to rescue returns.

    5. Ashley says:

      There was another suspected spotting Tuesday night in the neighborhoods around 75th & Amsterdam.

      • Zeus says:

        I hope it’s the same cat, but look at my posting above.
        Cats stay put where they got lost.
        No reason to venture all the way to 75th street.
        Good luck and keep us posted when you find the cat.

    6. Rita says:

      I hope he is safely back home soon! Will be on the lookout for him. Put up signs with his picture on it in the neighborhoods where he’s been spotted.

      • dannyboy says:

        It is very considerate of this pet owner to have omitted “Reward” in the image above.

    7. E.V. del Alamo says:

      Does he have a name, so he can be called if seen?

      • Ashley says:

        His name is Little Spot, but to be honest we don’t use that often when talking to him, we usually end up calling him kitty

    8. srrbiker says:

      I think I saw this cat last night at around 11:30 on W 88th Street heading into the back of Goddard Riverside Senior Center. It was a big cat with a furry coat. Good luck. I hope you find him

      • Ashley says:

        Thanks!! This is great news, hope it’s him. We will definitely keep an eye out on that area

    9. UWSsurfer says:


      What is your cat’s name so we can call it of we spot him?

      I hope he is found soon along with Norman the lost chihuahua.

      • UWSsurfer says:

        typo corrected: if we spot him

      • dannyboy says:

        Above Ashley says:
        March 22, 2018 at 11:28 am
        His name is Little Spot, but to be honest we don’t use that often when talking to him, we usually end up calling him kitty.